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10 Akbar and Birbal Short Stories in English [PDF]

Akbar Birbal stories have gained popularity across all generations, especially among kids. Akbar, the emperor, and Birbal, a wise courtier, were known for their witty anecdotes and meaningful tales that often imparted valuable life lessons.

Akbar, whose full name was Abu’l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar, was a renowned king of India. Despite being unable to read or write, he was highly intelligent and had a keen interest in gathering Hindu scholars in his court.

The short stories for kids in the Akbar Birbal collection are not only easy to read but also provide insightful morals. These tales serve as a fun way to educate children about important values and principles.

Akbar and Birbal Short Stories in English

The collection of Akbar Birbal stories for kids is filled with witty anecdotes that will make you laugh and leave you impressed with the valuable messages they convey. Birbal, the wise courtier, is known for his clever advice to Akbar, the emperor.

These short stories are easy to read and provide entertaining yet insightful messages. Here are the 10 most famous Akbar Birbal stories for kids that are sure to tickle your funny bone and leave you with valuable life lessons.

1. Birbal and Courtier’s Story

(Akbar Birbal Stories for Kids)

Akbar had a courtier named Sultan. He wanted his son to become the royal treasurer. But Akbar and Birbal did not want this, as Sultan’s son was a rogue. Sultan thought, ‘If I turn the emperor against Birbal, my son can become the royal treasurer.”

One day, Birbal was late for the court. Sultan whispered to Akbar, “Your Majesty, Birbal is becoming careless day by day. Punish him.”

Akbar knew about Sultan’s intentions, but he asked, “How?”

Sultan said, “Say ‘no’ to all that Birbal asks.” Akbar agreed.

Birbal said, “I am sorry; my wife is ill. I had taken her to the doctor.”

Akbar replied, “No, I don’t believe you.”

Birbal saw Sultan smiling and understood what had happened. Birbal asked, “Shall we discuss work?” Akbar replied, “No.”

Birbal asked, “May I go home?” Akbar said, “No.”

Then Birbal asked, “Will you appoint Sultan’s son as the royal treasurer?” Akbar said, “No,” and winked at Birbal.

2. Royal Fisherman

(Akbar Birbal Stories for Kids)

Akbar and Birbal Short Stories in English

One day, Akbar’s guards brought a man to the court and said, “Your Majesty, this granary officer was caught taking bribes.”

Akbar said, “Put him in prison.” Another courtier said, “Your Majesty, let him count the waves of the Yamuna.” Akbar agreed.

After a few days, Akbar asked Birbal, “What about that corrupt granary officer? Is he still taking bribes?”

Birbal said, “Your Majesty, we won’t know unless we find out for ourselves.”

Akbar and Birbal disguised themselves as fishermen and were walking on the banks of the Yamuna, when the officer saw them.

“What are you doing here?” he roared.

“Sir, we are poor fishermen. We have come to cast our nets, Birbal said”

“Well, you cannot. You disturbed me while I was performing an important task.

Pay me a fine of two hundred coins.

Akbar said, “You will be jailed for this!” Akbar’s guards caught the officer and imprisoned him.

3. The White Elephants

(Akbar Birbal Stories for Kids)

One day, a washerman’s donkey broke the pitchers of his neighbor, a potter. The washerman paid for the broken pitchers.

The potter accepted the money. But he was wicked. So he went to Akbar and said, “Your Majesty, I had a guest from a distant country.

The elephants in that country are clean and white.”

Akbar said, “I shall ask all the washermen to bathe my elephants.”

The potter said, “My neighbor, the washerman, can do a great job!”

The washerman asked Birbal, “No matter how much I clean, the elephants will not turn white. What shall I do?”

Birbal whispered his plan.

The next day, the washerman told Akbar, “If the potter gives me a huge pot to bathe the elephants, I can make them white.”

The potter made a huge pot. But it broke when the elephant stepped into it. Akbar thundered, “Make a strong pot!” The potter apologized and begged Akbar for forgiveness.

4. Angry Words

(Akbar Birbal Stories for Kids)

One day, Akbar caught a dishonest officer cheating his subjects. He was angry and upset. Just then, his servant told him, “Your Majesty’s horse has run away from its stable and I cannot find it anywhere.”

Akbar said, “You deserve to die!” The servant trembled from head to toe.

Birbal saw this and he knew this was not fair. So he said, “Your Majesty, the horse has run away and it will come back sooner or later, but the servant’s life will be gone forever. Please pardon him.”

Akbar said, “Birbal, when I am angry, I will only do the opposite of what needs to be done.”

Birbal immediately said, “Your Majesty, you are right. This servant is a careless man who cannot find your horse.

It is good that you have punished him with a death sentence.”

Akbar realized that he had spoken in anger and pardoned the servant.

5. Tit For Tat

(Akbar Birbal Stories for Kids)

Akbar had a special cupboard. Whoever touched the cupboard would get stuck to it.

One day, Akbar called Birbal and said, “Please get me an apple from that cupboard.”

When Birbal touched the cupboard, he got stuck. Try as he might, he couldn’t free himself. Then onwards, Akbar often teased Birbal. He would ask, “How was the ghost of the apple?”

One day, when Akbar went hunting, Birbal hid in the forest. As luck would have it, Akbar got separated from his soldiers.

Suddenly a ghost appeared in front of him. Akbar fainted. Akbar’s soldiers found him and took him to the palace. Akbar did not breathe a word about the incident.

The next time when Akbar teased Birbal, “How was the ghost of the apple?”

Birbal asked, “How was the ghost of the forest?”

Akbar realized that Birbal had scared him in the forest. He never teased Birbal again.

6. The Hospitable Relatives

(Akbar Birbal Stories for Kids)

One day, Birbal decided to visit his relatives in another city. He set off on his carriage. Birbal’s relatives were not hospitable people. They did not like to entertain guests.

When they saw Birbal’s carriage approaching, they quickly thought of a plan to send him away. They went to the balcony and pretended to have a fight.

They began shouting at each other. Birbal knew his relatives were pretending to fight so that he might go away.

Birbal pretended to go away. He left his carriage outside their lane and went near the house. He hid behind some bushes.

The couple had stopped fighting. He overheard them saying, “Well done! Birbal has gone away!”

Just then, Birbal jumped from behind the bushes and said, “I haven’t gone! I was pretending, too!”

The couple was ashamed. They turned over a new leaf and always welcomed their guests.

7. The Candlestick Collection

(Wisdom Stories of Akbar and Birbal)

Akbar had a habit of collecting beautiful candlesticks. He had a special chamber where his collection was displayed.

The servants were given strict instructions to be careful while cleaning the room.

One day, while a servant was dusting the mantelpiece, one of the candlesticks fell and broke.

Akbar was beside himself with rage. He ordered his guards to hang the servant.

Birbal wanted to save the servant. He whispered his plan to the servant.

Next day, a soldier asked the servant about his last wish. The servant said, “I will tell the emperor about it.”

When he was taken to Akbar, he bowed before him and said, “Your Majesty, my last wish is to break all the candlesticks.”

Akbar was surprised. “Why?” he thundered.

“I want to save all the other servants from death in case a candlestick breaks accidentally.”

Akbar realized his mistake and set the servant free.

8. A Touch of Sweetness

(Wisdom Stories of Akbar and Birbal)

One day, Birbal saw his neighbor, Raghuram, yelling at a fortune-teller, asking him to go away.

Birbal asked the fortune-teller, “Why did he drive you out?”

The fortune-teller said, “I asked him to stop being greedy as that would lead to his downfall. I advised him to donate alms to the poor.

How could I hide the bitter truth?” “We shall offer him a dose of sweet truth,” said Birbal, and whispered his plan.

The next day, the fortune-teller walked by Raghuram’s house, disguised as an old man. Raghuram welcomed him.

After studying his palm, the fortune-teller said, “You are fortunate, son! If you give alms to the poor, you will be highly prosperous!”

Raghuram was happy with what he heard. He gave the fortune-teller a bag of gold coins.

The fortune-teller met Birbal and said, “Thank you for teaching me that more than the truth, it’s how you present it. That matters a lot.”

9. The Greedy Man

(Wisdom Stories of Akbar and Birbal)

Once, there lived a sage in Akbar’s kingdom. An old lady came to him and said, “Please keep my life’s savings with you until I return.”

The sage said, “I stay away from wealth. Bury them in a corner of my hut.”

The old lady did so and left. She came back after many months. Then she dug in the place where she had buried the coins, but they had gone.

She asked Birbal for help. Birbal whispered a plan.

The next day, Birbal went to the sage and said, “Please keep these jewels until I return from my cousin’s house.” Just then, the old lady entered.

The sage wanted to impress Birbal and steal the jewels. So, he said, “Your savings are in the northern corner, lady. Take them.”

After the old lady had dug out her coins, a servant told Birbal that his cousin had come to visit him.

Birbal took the jewels and left.

10. A Handful of Nuts

(Wisdom Stories of Akbar and Birbal)

Once, Akbar and his courtiers were discussing the qualities of generosity and kindness. Akbar said, “The hand of the giver is always above that of the receiver.”

Everyone in the court pondered over the thought and agreed with him.

However, Birbal said, “I do not agree with you, Your Majesty. The hand of the giver is not above that of the receiver in all cases.”

Akbar thought, ‘Birbal is my favorite, but sometimes he thinks he knows too much.” Then, he asked, “Birbal, tell me when the hand of the receiver is above that of the giver.”

Birbal said, “Wait a minute, Your Majesty,” and left the court. Soon, he returned with a handful of nuts. He offered them to the emperor and said, “The hand of the receiver is above that of the giver when someone offers nuts.”

Akbar smiled. He thought Birbal has extraordinary presence of mind.

11. The Emperor’s Touch

(Wisdom Stories of Akbar and Birbal)

Akbar and Birbal Short Stories in English with pictures pdf

One day, an old lady visited Birbal. She was in tears. Birbal asked, “What happened?”

The old lady said, “I had a son who died in battle and I am all alone.”

Birbal wiped her tears and said, “Do you have anything to give the emperor?”

The old lady said, “Yes, my son’s sword.

Birbal said, “Give it to the emperor; he will surely give you something.”

The old lady met Akbar and said, “Your Majesty, my son is no more. I’ve brought his sword to you so that it may be used again.”

Akbar said, “The sword is rusted. It is useless.” He ordered the servant to give the lady a few coins.

Birbal said, “Your Majesty, I have heard everything turns into gold with your touch. Why not this sword?”

Akbar asked his servants to weigh the sword and gave the old lady gold coins equal to its weight. The old lady was happy.

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