19 Unknown Facts About Kissing

Here are 20 interesting facts about kissing that you probably didn’t know! Well, you may be well versed with some of them but there are definitely a few that you don’t know! So, keep reading!

1. The word ‘Kiss’ finds its origin from ‘cyssan’, an Old English word that in turn originated from ‘kuss or kussijanan’. These are Proto-Germanic words that were probably derived from the sound that actually comes out when two people kiss each other.

2. Philematology is the branch of science that studies kissing.

3. Pucker kiss requires only 2 facial muscles while a French kiss or a smooch puts 34 facial muscles to work.

4. Orbicularis Oris is the primary muscle that is used by humans to kiss. Referred to as Kissing Muscle, this muscle is responsible for puckering of lips.

5. In the entire human body, lips top the list in terms of sensitivity. Scientists say that human genitalia isn’t as much sense as lips and that fingertips are 100 times less sensitive than lips.

6. Male and female lips both have a close resemblance with vaginal lips.

7. A woman can reach disrupting orgasm simply by kissing but that requires her partner to be excellent at kissing.

8. Kissing can help us to burn calories. Yes! You can actually get slimmer by kissing. One passionate kiss can burn up to 6.4 calories. Kissing four minutes at stretch and you burn 25.6 calories which are nearly equivalent to 26 calories that can be found in a Hershey’s Kiss chocolate. You can burn 26 calories by walking 5 minutes at your normal pace. So, which one is better?


9. Suckling and kissing are nearly identical. According to some scholars, it may be possible to tell whether a person was bottle-fed or breastfed simply by the way he or she kisses.

10. People kissing more frequently are reported to have good dental health because just when they anticipate that they will kiss, saliva flow in mouth increases. This helps to create a protective shield on teeth and prevent the formation of plaque.

11. The human mouth is a warehouse of bacteria. Kissing causes the exchange of these bacteria. The number may vary anywhere between 10 million to 1 billion.

12. Kissing involves not just the transfer of bacteria but also proteins, mineral salts, and fats. Studies have revealed that antibody production is boosted through this exchange. These antibodies help to deal not only with the antigens that are transferred during kissing but also with those present in the surrounding.

13. The English language is the source of the term “French Kiss”. This word originated in the year 1923 as an insult to French culture which, at that time, was considered to be overly concerned about sex.

14. French kiss in France has a different term. It is referred to as a soul kiss or tongue kiss. It is called soul kiss by the French people because they believe that two souls merge together when the tongue kiss is done properly.

15. Savolium or a deep kiss, Basium or a lip kiss and Osculum or a cheek kiss are the three different types of kisses that were created by Romans.

16. The first written evidence of kiss was found in four ancient Vedas of the Hindu religion. These texts were written 1500 years before the birth of Christ.

17. A Japanese medieval manuscript has a warning for men. The text asks men to avoid passionately kissing women during orgasms because there are high possibilities that the woman may bite a part of the tongue of her lover.

18. 30 different types of kisses are listed in the ancient Indian sex manual, the Kama Sutra. One type of kiss mentioned in the manual is known as ‘fighting of the tongue’.

19. Studies reveal that nearly 2/3 of people tilt their head to their right while kissing. According to scholars, this head tilting preference actually develops when an infant is still in its mother’s womb.

20. According to Pinoy, a common cold can be cured simply by kissing the nostril of a donkey. In Roman tradition, contracts were signed by kissing. This led to the evolution of the tradition where a wedding ceremony or marriage is concluded with a kiss.

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