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25+ Badass “The Black Phone” Movie Quotes and Sayings

Here we have gathered 25+ The Black Phone Movie Quotes and sayings released by Marvel. The Black Phone is one of the most popular and engaging movies released in 2022 July. With the increasing popularity of this movie from Marvel, we thought of bringing you the best Ethan Hawke quotes from The Black Phone 2022.

The Black Phone casts are Mason Thames, Ethan Hawke, and Madeleine McGraw. Ethan Hawke is the main character in the movie, his un-matchable performance should be remembered.

The Black Phone Movie is considered to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year 2022. We just have to see, while waiting, look at these movie quotes to get a sneak into the show. Also, know that some content below may contain SPOILERS.

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In theaters: June 24, 2022
Cast: Mason Thames, Ethan Hawke, Madeleine McGraw
Director: Scott Derrickson
Studio: Universal Pictures
Genre: Horror
Run time: 102 minutes
MPAA rating: R
MPAA explanation: violence, bloody images, language and some drug use. 

Here are the Top 25+ The Black Phone quotes from the Movie.

F*ck with Finn again, I f*ck with you.

A man never leaves a friend behind.

In a situation like that, the more blood, the better.

You are not your mother. You do not hear things. You do not see things. They are not there.

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I should snap your neck for what you did to my car.

Someday I have to stand up for myself.

If you can’t do this for yourself, do this for me.

He was an idiot, but he was my idiot.

You are special, Finny. I’m going to take my time. I want this to really hurt.

With the door shut, no one can hear anything down here.

If you knew what you had coming, you’d be f*cking terrified.

I will never make you do anything that you don’t like.

Eat it, don’t eat it. You are already down here. What do I need to drug you for?

She saw things and she heard things, and she just became so convinced they meant something.

the grabber quotes 2022, the black phone movie quotes sayings

Everything’s complicated. Nothing’s right.

Today’s the day, mother f*cker.

You have to play the game. If you don’t play, he can’t win.

You will have to try them all, and you have to be very quiet about it.

You say one f*cking word and I will gut you like a pig right here on the street.

Nighty, nighty, naughty boy.

More “The Black Phone” Conversations are below.

Gwen: What?
Finney: The flyer. Mr. Yamada is putting them up again. You don’t think they’re going to find them, do you?
Gwen: Not how they want to.

Gwen: [referring to Moose] Well, he was stupid to pick a fight with Robin Arellano. He’s the toughest kid in school since The Grabber got Pinball Vance Hopper.
Finney: I wish you wouldn’t call him that.

Robin: You’re going to have to stand up for yourself one of these days.
Finney: Yeah, I know.

Detective Wright: What did you say to Amy about her brother Bruce?
Gwen: Just that I had a dream about him.
Detective Wright: What kind of a dream?
Gwen: Just a weird one.
Detective Wright: What happened in your dream?
Gwen: He was taken. That’s all.
Detective Wright: By a man with black balloons in a van.
Gwen: Yes.

Detective Miller: And we never released those details.
Detective Wright: So the question is, where did you hear about the balloons?
Gwen: I didn’t.
Detective Miller: I’m going to ask you again. How did you know about the balloons?
Detective Wright: What aren’t you telling us, Gwen?
Detective Miller: Either there’s a leak in the department, or…
Gwen: Or what? I’m The Grabber?

Detective Wright: Gwen, what aren’t you telling us?
Gwen: That sometimes my dreams are right.

Gwen: [after Robin’s abducted by The Grabber] I’m really sorry, Finney. I know he was your friend.
Finney: Don’t say “was”. He is my friend.

Finney: Have you tried?
Gwen: Of course I have.
Finney: Well, try again. Please.

The Grabber: [to Finney] You don’t have to be scared, because nothing bad is going to happen here. On that, I give my word, Johnny.

The Grabber: [to Finney, referring to the black phone] It doesn’t work. Not since I was a kid. Hang it up.

Finney: I’ll scream. If someone’s upstairs, they’ll hear me.
The Grabber: No, he won’t. Not with the door shut.
Finney: He?
The Grabber: With the door shut, no one can hear anything down here. I soundproofed it myself. So shout if you like. You won’t bother anyone.

Finney: If you try to touch me, I’ll scratch your face. And whoever’s coming will see and ask why.
The Grabber:This face?

Finney: [to himself] You’re not getting out of here. I’m not getting out of here.

Finney: If you weren’t going to feed me, why did you even come down here?
The Grabber: Just to look at you. I just wanted to look at you.

Bruce: I don’t remember my name.
Finney: Why not?
Bruce: It’s the first thing you lose.

Finney: Did the phone ring for you?
Bruce: It rang, but none of us heard it. Just you. The Grabber hears the phone too, but he doesn’t want to believe it.

Finney: Why are you calling me?
Bruce: Your arm is mint. You almost had me. I’m glad it’s you.

The Grabber: I made you some breakfast.
Finney: What did you put in that?
The Grabber: Salt and pepper. Oh, eat it, don’t eat it. You’re already down here. What do I need to drug you for?

Billy: Don’t go upstairs.
Finney: Why not?
Billy: It’s a trap.

Finney: What is he doing?
Billy: He’s waiting, on the other side, with that f***ing belt.

Billy: See the wall in front of you? See how the wall is separated from the floor?
Finney: Yeah.
Billy: I tore a long cable loose from down there. I kept it hidden.

Terrence: I don’t want that future for you, sweetheart. Do you understand?
Gwen: But what if it could help me find Finney?

The Grabber: Tell me your name.
Finney: Why do you care?
The Grabber: I usually don’t. I find out eventually in the paper.

Finney: You could let me go.
The Grabber: I’m thinking about it.

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