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25+ Euphoria Season 2 Quotes, Sayings

Today we have gathered 25+ Euphoria Season 2 Quotes. Euphoria is a teen drama series streaming on HBO. It shows a story of high-school kids as they experience real-life and discover themselves. The show features Zendaya as the lead cast member, which makes it more exciting for the fans as the huge success from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Throughout the whole series, you will see recurring scenes of sex, drugs, love, identity, friendships and psychological trauma, depression and many more. SO beware before watching, this ain’t a fantasy show, more like a glimpse to reality.

25+ Euphoria Season 2 Quotes, Sayings

These 25+ Euphoria quotes will give you a preview of what this amazing show is about.

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Let’s get into the list of Top Quotes from Euphoria Season 2.

“I ruined my entire life for you.”
— Cassie Howard

“You look like a cat coughed your ass up.”
— Ali

“You said memories exist outside of time and have no beginning or end.”
— Rue Bennett

“You do what feels good to you.”
— Maddy Perez

“The beautiful thing about getting high is that time ceases to exist.”
— Rue Bennett

“What’s a bigger feeling than love?”
— Elliot

“Hello heart… thought I’d lost ya.”
— Rue Bennett

“That’s not a kid. That’s my business partner.”
— Fezco

“I’m envious of your generation, you know. You guys don’t care that much about the rules.”
— Cal Jacobs

“Look, all I know is that most guys are rarely sympathetic.”
— Kat

“You know, it’s one thing for my classmates to body shame me, but for you, Principal Hayes, that’s just a whole other thing. It’s degrading. It’s discriminatory. And it just goes to show how insidious, and systemic body terrorism truly is in this country.” — Kat

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“ I feel like my entire life, I’ve been trying to conquer femininity, and somewhere along the way, I feel like femininity conquered me.” — Jules

“You deserve whatever the f*ck it is in this world that you want. So keep your head down. Keep your mouth shut. Don’t try to ruin my life, and I won’t have to ruin yours.” — Nate

“Tyler, I’m not gonna hurt you. You’re in a fucking neck brace. Just sit down. I want to have a mature conversation. Come on.” — Nate

“ I’m sorry. For everything. I’m sorry for hurting you. You… you were the most beautiful person that I’ve ever known.” — Nate

“You know that drug addicts don’t reach out for help unless there’s no options.” — Ali

“The one thing I know is that Nate loves me no matter what. He’d f*cking kill for me, and I’d kill for him.” — Maddy

“I’m just saying, love is a million things. Sometimes it feels good and sometimes it doesn’t.”
— Maddy

“You know, I mean, like, is one of us gonna get hurt? Yeah. Probably. But I’ll do my best to make sure that it’s me.”
— Ethan

“You know, and I know that you think there’s, like, zero chance that we’re gonna be together forever, and, uh… I don’t know. I guess, we’re both juniors, so you’re probably right about that.” — Ethan

“Listen, bruh. All I’m sayin’, you keep fuckin’ with Rue and her friends, and I’mma kill you.”
— Frezco

“I don’t know what kind of fcked up sht you got going inside of your head. I don’t know how to help, but I could tell you one thing: this drug sh*t – it’s not the answer.”
— Frezco

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Well, let’s get into the list of some of the best quotes from this series. Here’s the list of the best Euphoria season 2 quotes.

Fezco’s grandma was a motherf*cking G.

I just spoke to your daddy. You’re gonna come live with grandma now.

Don’t ever fall in love. It’s one instinct you can’t trust.

He ain’t a kid a*hle. He’s my partner.

She never came back to pick him up.

This fcking kid. Now he’s eating fcking cigarettes.

I spy with my little eye, cracker with a bowl cut.

However hard life was, it got harder and more complicated.

Let’s get naked right f*cking now.

Think that I could, like, put my drawers on, and talk to you in the other room for a second?

Why you acting like that sh*t was fun, Rue?

I would shake your hand, but I don’t want to get hepatitis.

My goal tonight is to blackout this entire f*cking stupid year.

If you tell me what drugs you’re doing, I’ll tell you what drugs I’m doing.

There it is, there’s my heart. Hello, heart. I thought I lost ya.

Thought I was gonna die for a second.

Dmn Lexi, you are fcking fearless.

My Uncle Carl got diabetes from eating too much McDonald’s. You don’t see nobody going after they a**.

I shouldn’t anybody’s girlfriend.

I don’t know if I’m a good person.

You trying to tell me you took her in that room and you didn’t d*ck her down?

Talking to you was one of the best parts of my whole year.

I want to be with you.

Euphoria Season 2 Quotes

The last time we talked, didn’t you say you wanted to kill me?

Nate Jacobs was in love.

What was it about Cassie Howard that allowed Nate to fully surrender himself?

She was everything you could ever want in a woman.

His dad was such a f*cking idiot, he couldn’t even control himself.

In you, there is calm.

I didn’t know you were such a romantic, Rue.

Was it just me or was that super awkward?

Is that Nate’s blood on your leg?

I’m sorry, but 17-year-olds can’t donate eggs.

Stop flaunting your healthy, non-abusive, wonderful relationship. It’s actually triggering.

It’s one thing to dislike your parents, it’s not like you have a choice. But to dislike your kid, well, that’s sort of your fault.

If Maddy finds out, she’s gonna spend the rest of her life trying to kill me. But she’s actually gonna kill you.

She hated herself for being so weak, and passive, and afraid.

What’s a bigger feeling than love?

As soon as I saw her, I was just immediately afraid to lose her.

I just feel like, we might not bring out the best in each other.

Kat hated herself. But the problem with hating yourself is that you can’t really talk about it.

I see your still on your suicide mission.

We never should’ve did what we did.

You don’t know how much power you have.

Just a concerned father.

I’ll never find that kind of love.

You scared I’m gonna tell your momma you’re still doing drugs?

I wish you could see yourself the way the rest of the world does.

She has a long way to go. So did I at her age.

Euphoria Season 2 Quotes

I didn’t know she went to your school. I didn’t know who she was.

You couldn’t pay me to eat p*&&y.

No matter how well you try to hide it. If you are doing drugs, you are gonna get caught. It’s inevitable.

What you want to make them do is second guess their intuition, make them feel like any valid concern is just their anxiety getting the best of them.

I’m out here swinging my muff around, waiting to see who wants to f*ck it.

The beautiful thing about getting high, is that time ceases to exist.

The sidekicks are usually the more sensitive, smarter, more compelling characters, but for some reason, they get overlooked.

As you get older, everything just drifts away.

She loved the ritual, the attention to detail, the anxiety and excitement she felt in her stomach.

If I were a genius, I’d figure out a way to do drugs for free.

I love how f*cking sick you are.

This is an amazing plan. You are a genius.

If you screw me, I’ll have you kidnapped and sold to some really sick people. I always find a way to make my money back.

I don’t think you understand how much I love Jules.

If you were a fcking sweet person, you wouldn’t have fcked your best friend’s boyfriend.

To Nathaniel. The winner of all winners, the king of all kings, the big swinging d*ck, Mr. Big Balls, huh?

You are a part of me. I will never understand. But I will take full responsibility.

The last thing you need is to feel worse because you’re not feeling something you’re supposed to feel. Do what feels good to you.

I thought I lost you.

I’m sorry I let you down.

I think I’m lonely.

I’m a man. I’m an animal. I’m a mother f*cking Rottweiler.

I’m a fggt, sexist, chaser, pig, f*cking creep, and I love it.

Euphoria Season 2 received a ton of positive feedback from the audience for its successful portrayal of complex and mature issues in life. If you like our list of Euphoria Season 2 quotes, comment below. ALso mention your favorite quote from the list and your favorite character from HBO Euphoria show.