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50+ Controversial Quotes from 13 Reasons Why

Based on the 2007 young adult novel written by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why is an American television series (adapted for Netflix by Brian Yorkey) about a student, Clay Jensen, and his quest to unravel the mystery behind the suicide of his classmate and crush, Hannah Baker.

The cast includes Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker, Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen, Christian Navarro as Tony Padilla, Alisha Boe as Jessica Davis, Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley, Justin Prentice as Bryce Walker, Miles Heizer as Alex Standall, Amy Hargreaves as Lainie Jensen, Grace Saif as Ani Achola, and Kate Walsh as Olivia Baker.

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The truth isn’t always the most exciting version of things, or the best or the worst. It’s somewhere in between. But it deserves to be heard and remembered. The truth will out as someone said once. It remains.

You take what you can get in this life.

You can’t know rumors. You can hear them, but you can’t know them.

Losing a good friend is never easy, especially when you don’t understand why you lost them in the first place.

Chaos theory isn’t exactly about chaos. It’s about how a tiny change in a big system can affect everything.

Sometimes when there’s no justice, you gonna make it for yourself.

When I listen to the tapes… I want to see her in school tomorrow. I want to eat Mike and Ikes out of the box with her at the Crestmont. I want to dance with her again, and kiss her… when I should have kissed her. But I can’t.

Maybe none of us can say who we truly are.

Everyone is just so nice until they drive you to kill yourself.

Everybody wants to talk. No one wants to do anything

You can’t change other people, but you can change yourself.

Sometimes things just happen to you. They just happen. You can’t help it. But it’s what you do next that counts. Not what happens but what you decide to do about it.

Clay, Helmet, your name does not belong on this list. But you need to be here if I’m going to tell my story. If I’m going to explain why I did what I did. Because you aren’t every other guy. You’re different. You’re good and kind and decent. And I didn’t deserve to be with someone like you. I never would. I would have ruined you. It wasn’t you. It was me, and everything that’s happened to me.

It seemed like no matter what I did, I kept letting people down. I started thinking about how everyone’s lives would be better without me.

The way I see it, there are two different kinds of death. If you’re lucky, you live a long life and one day your body stops working and it’s over. But if you’re not lucky, you die a little bit, over and over, until you realize it’s too late.

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Life is unpredictable and control is just an illusion.

Some of you care. None of you cared enough.

You can’t love someone back to life. – Kevin Porter

It has to get better. The way we treat each other and look out for each other. It has to get better somehow. – Clay Jensen 

People tell lies about you, and other people believe them. And it gets to the point where the lies might as well be the truth. – Tyler Down

We all have things we keep hidden. Sometimes, keeping secrets is how you survive. – Courtney Crimsen

When the house is on fire, do you discuss the fire or get out of the goddamn house? – Clay Jensen

Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, people still see you the way they want to. – Jessica Davis

We all want to be strong. We all want to be the kind of people who deserve good friends. But I guess, at the end of the day, none of us are as strong as we want to be. – Jessica Davis

Privilege is a trap all its own. – Marcus Cole

There’s always another side to every story. – Hannah Baker

Nothing that’s worth anything comes without pain. – Ryan Shaver

A work of art is only good if it arises from necessity, from need. And it can be a political need or personal need or, ideally, both. Art should be a confrontation. It should shock and scare you. – Ryan Shaver

You fool yourself into thinking that by keeping things hidden, it makes it easier for you to get by. – Zach Dempsey

A favor is only a favor if someone asks for it. – Bryce Walker

Infinity. It’s funny how we have a word for that concept, but there is no way we can understand it. – Clay Jensen

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Maybe love is how you understand infinity. When your love has no limits when it goes on forever. Maybe that feels like infinity. – Hannah Baker

Keeping it in, that is not brave. Feeling the pain, face it, that takes courage. – Olivia Baker

When kids feel powerless, when they feel they have no avenue for understanding, they act out. – Kevin Porter

When we act out of anger or fear, we can hurt people we don’t mean to hurt. – Tony Padilla 

Friendship is complicated. You find yourself doing things you never thought you’d do. – Justin Foley

How do we take what hurts most? Take the darkness and turn it into the light? I think the answer is we love each other. Clay Jensen

Change, especially positive change, happens so slowly it can feel it’s not happening at all. – Priya Singh

Everything a mother does, she does for her child. If she loses her child, she loses everything. – Amara Josephine Achola

When you judge someone by their past, it can make that past impossible to escape. – Ani Achola

No matter what may come, or where we go, if it’s one person in the mirror or all of us, we remember how good we are. – Tony Padilla

We’re all in costumes all the time, trying to become the thing we’re wearing. – Ani Achola 

People always tell you who they are. You just have to listen. – Clay Jensen

A maze, you get lost. A labyrinth, you find yourself. – Kevin Porter 

When people stare at you and talk or they don’t stare but you can tell that they want to, just remember that you know who you are, and they don’t. – Tyler Down

The louder we get, the harder it is for someone to even find their voice. – Jessica Davis

Winning at the cost of who you are, winning at the cost of becoming someone that you hate, means nothing. – Zach Dempsey

Winning at the cost of who you are, winning at the cost of becoming someone that you hate, means nothing. – Zach Dempsey

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Sometimes I feel like that’s all life is. It’s just all the mistakes you make and all the s*** you gotta do to set it right. – Justin Foley

I’m a person in a thousand pieces. But I’m seeing a counselor. It’s a long, hard process, but little by little, you start picking up the pieces. And you realize that what you’re making is a mirror. And the more pieces you put together, the more you see yourself. – Bryce Walker

It’s not supposed to be easy for people like us. We’re meant to go through s*** and make it out alive. – Justin Foley

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