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8 Most Anticipated Movies Coming Out In January 2022

This year (2021) has had some incredible cinematic releases, such as Spider-Man: NWH, Ryan Reynold’s Free Guy and A Quiet Place II, but it seems as though next year (2022) also has some exciting films up. Here are eight movies releasing in January, 2022 that we are eagerly waiting for.

The 355 – January 7th 

When a significant and classified weapon falls into hands, a wild card CIA agent must work with three international agents on a dangerous mission to get it back, all the while attempting to stay in front of a mysterious woman who appears to be taking note of every move they make. 

The 355 also stars Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o, Penélope Cruz, and Sebastian Stan. 

Scream – January 14th 

25 years after the original attacks that centred around young Sidney Prescott , Ghostface is back and has begun terrorising another group of teenagers. Sidney, Gale and Dewey return to their home town to put a stop to the horrors, but who is behind the mask this time? 

Cyrano – January 14th 

Cyrano is a masterful wordsmith who can entertain the best of them with his wordplay; however, he lacks the gall to use this gift on the woman he adores, Roxanne. So, Cyrano helps the Christian capture her heart through beautiful letters, all the while pining for her himself. 

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania – January 14

The 4th Movie of the franchise, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania dives into the relationship between Dracula and his human son-in-law Johnny. As Dracula plans to retire and gift his beloved Hotel Transylvania to his daughter Mavis, he changes his mind at the last minute -worried that Johnny will ruin what he has built.

Nightmare Alley – January 21st 

A highly ambitious carny , endowed with the gift of manipulation with his well-crafted words, teams up with a female psychiatrist, who turns out to be much more dangerous than he is… 

This film appears go be a dark, mysterious feature with a stellar cast that is sure to grip audiences upon its release. Joining Cooper and Blanchett is Willem Dafoe, Toni Collette, Ron Perlman, with Mary Steenburgen, and Richard Jenkins. 

A Journal for Jordan – January 21st 

A Journal for Jordan stars Michael B Jordan as Sergent Charles King, a father in the armed forces who decides to keep a journal for his infant son, Jordan, to read when he grows up. 

The trailers for this feature are incredibly heartfelt and emotional, showing the pain many go through with a partner in the army. 

Sing 2 – January 28th 

Sing 2 continues the adventure of overly-ambitious Koala, Buster Moon, as he takes his talented team of animals on a thrilling new venture. 

In an attempt to impress audiences for a new show, Gunter has the idea to recruit Clay Calloway (Bono) to join their performances, which will be much easier said than done, as Calloway is a well-known recluse after the passing of his wife. Can the team make heads turn once again? 

Morbius – January 28th 

Morbius is a very exciting cinematic release for 2022, as Jared Leto stars as Doctor Michael Morbius, a scientist who has a disease that is likely to kill him, unless he takes a very big risk. 

The movie follows the scientist as his experiment to cure himself goes awry, and he undergoes some very odd changes; he is no longer battling with his illness, but instead with a creature inside him, one that hungers for blood

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