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Arjun and Kirthi – A Twisted Story

“I was never late krithi. You are the one who was late in understanding my love.” replied Arjun.Arjun and Kirthi – A Twisted Story

There was a happy obese teenage boy. He never cared about his looks.

He had an influential friend who always used drive him towards the exploration of new things. Once he shared a story about his girlfriend mentioning how great bond they share with each other.

The boy wanted to have the same experience. He asked his friend how to initiate a relationship. His friend suggested him saying “you just have to fall in love and express your feelings to the girl”

The boy thought it would be easy. He never knew the reality since he was innocent.

Once he saw a girl who newly joined his school and was mesmerized with her beauty. He thought to propose her but, he didn’t have the guts to do so. He wasted six months watching her every day and followed her to few places.

One day finally he made up his mind to express his feelings for her.

Situation 1

Boy: Hey! I am Arjun from your class.

Girl: I know you Arjun.

Boy: Oh! cool had to say something to you (with a nervous tone).

Girl: Go ahead.

Boy: I have some unknown feeling inside my heart since I had seen you for the very first time. I never knew what it was. I gave my self some time to understand but, there was no understanding between heart and brain. So had no proper sleep for last six months.

Girl: You are creeping me out now. What are you trying to convey.

Boy: So I asked my friend about it. He said it’s love. So……

Girl: Look, this is not new to me. There are tons of boys around me with proposals. I sometimes never open my insta, pissed with the DM’s I get everyday. So better don’t waste your time.

Her statements stabbed him in his heart. He felt devastated for the expectations he had.

For the first time in his life boy saw himself in a mirror. He saw a huge pumpkin hanging under his man breasts. He thought this was the reason the girl rejected him. He decided to workout and joined gym.

1 year later, The boy turned fit and he was no more a teen now.

Situation 2

“ krithi”, Shouted Arjun. Krithi turned around to see a fit muscular guy.

Krithi: yes! do I know you?

Arjun: I am Arjun, from high school.

Krithi: Hey what a change over. You look great!

Arjun: So what do you think about my proposal now ? (With the same nervous tone)

Krithi : Arjun, I didn’t reject you for being fat. I just felt you are one of those immature kids who does not know difference between love and infatuation.

Arjun : Then what do you really want ?

Krithi : I am not really looking for a relationship right now, even if I look for, I will choose a person who is more matured, Independent and secure man who can take care of me properly.

She left saying this. This was the second time he saw her back. The rejection was really bad this time. It was even more hurting as the boy worked hard to get lean. He felt his pain has resulted in vain.

3 years later, Arjun turned 23 and he also got placed in Oracle with 5lpa.

Situation 3

Arjun entered a coffee shop wearing a suit with a flower and a gift. He already had a conversation with krithi for a regular meet up. He looked around and noticed Krithi sitting alone in table no.3. He walked there quickly without wasting a second.

Arjun : Hey! How do you do?

Krithi : Awesome Arjun, how about you ?

Arjun : I am great.

Krithi : So congrats on your graduation.

Arjun : Thanks, I am placed indeed.

Krithi : Oh! great so bill is yours then.

Arjun : sure but, Before we order something I want to ask you something.

Krithi : “sure”, she exclaimed.

Arjun : Krithi You were looking for a mature, independent and secure man right. I am one of those now. So it’s not late now, What do you think about my proposal?

Krithi : Arjun I am sorry, you are late, I am already seeing someone.

Arjun : But, I thought you were not interested in any relationship.

Krithi : That was 3 years back. Now I am a different person.

Arjun : Who is the guy ?

Krithi : It’s your friend from high school, “Rithesh”.

The name felt familiar to him. Then he could recollect his influential friend who introduced him to love. he couldn’t believe his ears for a second.

Arjun : What is he doing now ?

Krithi : He is an entrepreneur. He trades steel and iron in port area. He makes me feel sophisticated with his love and affection. He took me to an International trip all around the globe covering 7 countries. What does a girl need more than that?

Arjun didn’t utter a word. They ordered donuts and coffee and they fell silent for the next 20 mins.

While travelling back Arjun remembered his friends words “Just fall in love and express it to the girl”. “ This bastard ruined my life”, He thought to himself. He felt helpless for the first time even after achieving everything the girl wished for.

10 years later, Arjun turned 33 that day. Yes It was his birthday.

Situation 4

Arjun was travelling In his Mercedes Benz. It was raining and the down pour was heavy.

“Arjun sab, someone is asking for a lift, Looks like her car has stopped due to engine failur”, Said the driver.

Arjun glared at her, distracted from his news paper. He was astonished to see krithi on road. “Murthi stop the car”, ordered Arjun.

He opened the door and gave an eye contact to krithi. She stared for a second and was shocked with a surprise.

Krithi : Hey!! Arjun what a pleasant surprise.

Arjun : “ Hop in krithi” , with pleasant smile.

Krithi entered the car and sat beside Arjun. The car started moving.

Krithi : So fancy car Huh.

Arjun : Ya, I bought it last year.

Krithi : So, what’s up with you ?

Arjun : I am a business man. I own a textile Industry. There are three branches in three different cities.

Krithi : great! so successful at this young age. Arjun can I ask you something ?

Arjun : Ya sure.

Krithi : Since you asked me several times few years back about getting into relationship are you ok if I think about it now ?

Arjun : Huh, I don’t know what to say but, What about your fancy entrepreneur.

Kriti : I broke up with him Arjun. He is a creep. He never owned a business, his father was a smuggler in port. They got arrested in a raid which took place few years back.

Before Arjun could say something he received a call from someone, He held the phone to switch the speaker on.

 Arjun are you safe, The pour is heavy. Have you left the office, chinnu is feeling alone without you”, a female voice with a responsible tone.

“ I am on my way honey”, replied Arjun with a bright smile.

Krithi : what! are you married.

Arjun : yes, I have a two year old son.

The car reached Krithi’s home. By that time the rain had haled. Both Arjun and krithi got down.

Arjun : Krithi Your love gave me every thing which I never wanted, success, money, respect and dignity indeed it made me a complete man but, It left me without your reciprocation of love. My attitude of being strong helped me to stand strong every time when I was rejected.

“I was never late krithi. You are the one who was late in understanding my love.” replied Arjun.