Barney Stinson Saved The Blunder

In my 1st semester of B.Tech, there was this friend of mine who was introvert type. (by extreme luck) One girl of our class showed interest in him, actually, she just asked him an answer to a question in electronics, (as he answered almost allĀ  questions of electronics in class) and we like typical friends started teasing him
Ooooh, dude, she likes you.
Then there were some casual talks between them and one of the mischievous guys told him to propose her.
He took it seriously and the similar week in college canteen we 5, 3 boys including my friend and me and 2 girls(including her) were sitting and this happened –
(Let’s call it day 1, my friend Paul, and that girl Mia) –
DAY 1-
Paul -Listen I have something to say to you.
Mia -Ya.
Paul -I love you (yes he said it directly, he was a complete nerd in case of girls).
Mia -*weird face*What?
Paul -I love you
Mia -I’ve to go. I’ll talk to you later.
She leaves.
He then told us in the evening that he called her afterward and she rejected his proposal(which we all knew would happen).
DAY 2-
Paul(to Mia in front of her friends) – You know why I proposed to you?
Mia -what?why?(confused)
Paul -Cause barney says “the best way to get rid of a girl is to say I LOVE YOU to her”, and I couldn’t study cause you distracted me.
And Paul “exits like a boss”.
(for those who don’t know this watch “how I met your mother” episode 2 season 1).

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