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Best Of Andare Stories– Sri Lanka’s beloved jester

Best Of Andare Stories

How Andare ate the King’s Jambu

The jambu tree in the king’s courtyard blossomed with fruit, but the king had ordered that no one was to look at or touch it. Andare wanted to eat the fruit and thought of a good plan. He covered his eyes with cloth and went under the jambu tree with his hands clasped behind his back and ate the jambu. The guards caught him and took him to the King. The king told Andare that he was going to punish him for disobeying. Andare said he ate the jambu fruits but did not see or touch them as the king had ordered and demonstrated it. The King was too amused to punish him.

Andare at the Royal Pond

Usually, Andare would accompany the King and his Ministers to the Royal Pond. Deciding to play a prank on Andare the Ministers each took an egg with them to the pond one day. At the pond a Ministers asked who could dive under and come back with an egg, and all the Ministers dived in and emerged with an egg. Andare too dived but understanding the prank, he suddenly emerged from the water crying “ cock-a-doodle-doo, you are all hens and I am the only cock.”

Andare’s wife and the Queen

One day the Queen said she wished to meet Andare’s wife. Andare quickly consented, but said, “Your Majestry, my old woman is slightly deaf so you must speak loudly when you talk to her”. The queen agreed. He then went home and told his wife that the queen was deaf! Andare then took his wife to the Queen. The queen and Andare’s wife started communicating, both yelling from each end. The King hurried over to see why the women were yelling. When the King heard about the trick he was tickled.