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The Gardener

Birbal-helps-the-gardener wtf detective short stories for kids

One day, Akbar stumbled upon a rock sticking out of the soil in the garden. He felt very embarrassed about falling in front of the guards and courtiers.

Shorten The Road

Shorten-the-road wtf detective short stories of birbal and akbar

Akbar was on a long road journey to a neighboring kingdom on a hot day. The heat vexed him. He complained about the long road to Birbal.

Who Is The Emperor ?

who s the emperor short story akbar and birbal wtf detctive

Birbal once visited a kingdom as an ambassador of Akbar. The ruler of the kingdom, who heard a lot about Birbal’s intellect, wanted to test it. The

The List Of Blinds

The-list-of-blinds akbar birbal storiies wtf detective

One day Emperor Akbar decides to give alms to all the visually challenged people in the kingdom. He orders his courtiers to make a list of all such people.