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Cocaine Bear (2023) Movie Review [Short]

Today we are bringing you the Movie review of Cocaine bear, which is currently gaining good reviews despite many factors.

“Cocaine Bear” is a horror-comedy film directed by Elizabeth Banks, and it draws inspiration from the works of Joe Dante. The movie is based on the true story of Andrew C. Thornton II, a drug smuggler from Kentucky who drops duffel bags filled with cocaine out of his plane when something goes wrong with his flight. The bags land in northern Georgia, where a black bear ingests them and becomes violently addicted to the drug.

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Ray Liotta plays Sydney White, a drug kingpin who employs Thornton and sends his son and an enforcer to recover the drugs from the forest before the Colombians kill him and his family. The bear stands in their way, and chaos ensues as the group faces off against the supercharged apex predator.

Keri Russell plays Sari, a nurse and single mother living near the Chattahoochee National Forest. Her character becomes inconsequential, and every scene with her and her daughter feels like padding for the runtime. O’Shea Jackson Jr. plays Daveed, the enforcer sent to retrieve the lost drugs, and Alden Ehrenreich plays Sydney’s son, Eddie, who is heartbroken over a recent loss. The relationship between Daveed and Eddie is the film’s most interesting dynamic, but it is not explored enough.

The film’s main draw is watching people get killed in increasingly ridiculous ways, but the bear attack scenes fall short of the standard set by “The Revenant.” The film’s tone is more comedic than torturous, but it does not shy away from the blood and gore, with dismembered limbs and red splattering throughout.

The most thrilling scene in the film involves a paramedic van and Margo Martindale, but the final sequence feels awkward and clunky staged next to a waterfall.

Overall, “Cocaine Bear” is a silly thriller that pits humans against a coked-up animal. While it provides some entertaining moments, it ultimately falls short of its potential and leaves much to be desired in terms of character development and plot. The film’s strongest aspects are the performances of O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Alden Ehrenreich, but their dynamic is not given enough screen time.

The bear attack scenes are not as visceral as they could be, and the final sequence feels lackluster. However, the film does deliver on its promise of blood, gore, and over-the-top comedic violence. “Cocaine Bear” is rated R for bloody violence, gore, drug content, and language.

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