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Creed 3 (2023) Movie Review [Short]

Today we are bringing you the Movie review of Creed 3 or Creed III, which is currently gaining good reviews despite many factors.

Creed III is a movie about a retired boxing champion’s son, Adonis Creed, who is training the next generation of fighters. When his childhood friend, Damien Anderson, a former boxing prodigy, resurfaces, the two face off in a fight that is more than just physical.

Jonathan Majors delivers a mesmerizing performance as Damien, who is obsessed with becoming a professional boxer and visibly jealous of Adonis’ success.

Adonis is also dealing with family issues, including training his deaf daughter, Amara, how to box and ignoring his wife Bianca’s advice that fighting is not the solution to the bullying she faces. The movie explores themes of violence, trauma, and friendship in a world where boxing is an inherently violent sport.

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Michael B. Jordan, who also directed the film, does an excellent job of filming the fight scenes, including a final fight that is innovative and emotional. However, he struggles to elevate the drama and convey the plot convincingly, resulting in a rushed storyline that recycles plot points from previous Rocky movies.

The movie abruptly drops its message of violence not being the answer, only for violence to become the answer, which is disappointing. While the film has intriguing ideas and themes, it fails to deliver them effectively.

Despite its flaws, Creed III is worth watching for Jonathan Majors’ captivating performance and the excellent fight scenes. Michael B. Jordan remains fantastic in the role of Adonis but struggles to drive home the drama convincingly.

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In conclusion, Creed III is a movie about friendship, trauma, and violence in the world of boxing. While it has its flaws, including a rushed storyline and a disappointing message, it is worth watching for its captivating performances and excellent fight scenes.