The Daring Culprit

“I have a problem to share and want a solution right away,” Akbar announced in his court one day.

“Last evening, someone dared pull a hair from my mustache. What punishment should the person be given?”

There was murmuring in the court.

“He should be flogged!” came the reply from the prime minister.

“No, he should be banished from the kingdom!” exclaimed the treasury minister.

There were demands for the maximum punishment for the culprit. Amidst all the noise, Birbal stayed silent.

“Don’t you have anything to say, Birbal?” asked Akbar.

“Jahanpanah. I recommend you to give the culprit some sweets.”

There was silence in the court. The courtiers were astounded by Birbal’s reply.

“I am surprised, Birbal. How do you expect me to reward someone who dared to pull my mustache?” asked Akbar.

“Your majesty, the only person who can dare to touch your mustache is your grandson. I am pretty sure you will not mind giving him sweets,” replied Birbal with a smile.

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