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‘From’ Season 2, Episode 1 Complete Review

It seems like From is a show that deserves more recognition than it currently receives. Despite having a diehard fanbase, it remains relatively obscure, with many people not even knowing it exists or the streaming service it can be found on. However, this only adds to its appeal, giving it a fun and cult-like vibe that makes it feel like a hidden gem.

The premiere episode of the latest season certainly doesn’t disappoint. We’re back in the strange little town with its terrifying, gruesome monsters that toy with their prey and feed off of fear rather than blood. The premiere sets up a number of intriguing storylines, including Boyd’s predicament at the bottom of a well and Victor’s arrival in the catacombs below the town. The latter encounter with a ventriloquist puppet is particularly eerie and raises many questions.

from seaon 2 episode 1 review

Jade, Ethan, and Victor are quickly becoming some of the show’s standout characters, each with their unique personalities and abilities. Their quest to defeat or outsmart the vampires and escape is shaping up to be a thrilling adventure.

The arrival of newcomers, including a nurse who is Kristi’s fiancé, adds another layer of intrigue to the show. It’s clear that the vampires are targeting specific people for some reason, and the tension only continues to build as we see the characters’ fates become more intertwined.

The episode’s final moments, with Jim refusing to leave the collapsing house as he tries to rescue his wife, are a bit frustrating. As an engineer and a parent, it seems like he would have known better than to put himself in such a risky situation. Nonetheless, it leaves us on a cliffhanger and sets up the rest of the season for even more intense drama.