The Hens & The Rooster

Akbar decides to test Birbal’s wit by playing a trick on him. He secretly calls his courtiers, explains them a plan, and gives them an egg. Akbar asks all the courtiers to bring the egg concealed in their clothes the next day.

The next day, Akbar tells the court that he had a dream last night that the best way to test the honesty of his courtiers is to ask them to bring an egg. Therefore, he tells all his courtiers to go to the royal pond and bring one egg at a time. Those who find the egg are loyal while those who can’t aren’t, he says.

The courtiers go to the pond and bring back the concealed egg in their hand one at a time. It is soon Birbal’s turn. He goes to the pond but finds no eggs. He searches around the pond, under the bushes, and trees, but finds no eggs.

Birbal returns to the court wondering about the situation. He notices courtiers giving him sharp glances and smiling among themselves. Soon the situation is clear. As Birbal approaches Akbar’s throne, he bursts into the call of a rooster. The sudden act takes the emperor and courtiers by surprise.

“Why did you do that Birbal?” asks Akbar.

“Your majesty, only hens produce eggs. Since all the courtiers presented an egg, they are all hens. As I am the rooster, I couldn’t produce any eggs.”

There is silence for a few seconds and soon Akbar begins laughing, followed by the courtiers. Birbal proves his wit yet again.

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