Hmmm….!!! MAYBE

Once upon a time there was a farmer and this farmer had a horse. He loved this horse so much, it was his pride and joy. This horse helped the farmer earn money for his family. And one day horse ran away. Everybody in the community heard about what happened to the farmer so they came running up to the farmer and they said “Oh my god! , your horse, he ran away, this is so bad”.
And the farmer, he looks at them and replied “hmmm… Maybe ”
Next day the horse come back and not only the horse comes back, but the horse also comes back with the 3 wild horses with them. Now everybody in the community they come back to the farmer and they say “ Oh my god! We heard what happen so you’ve got 4 horses now, what good luck ”.
The farmer looks at the back and says “ hmmm… Maybe ”
Very next day farmer son tries to tame one of the wild horses. Well a freak accident happens and the horse kicks him off and the son breaks his leg in three places. Now everybody in the community come up to the farmer and says “ those stupid horses look at what they did to your son! That is so  bad ”
And the farmer says “ hmmm… Maybe”.
And  the very next day the military comes to a farmer looking for a young man to  draft to the army, they took one look at farmer son and say “ we can’t draft  him, he’s got a broken leg.” Well everybody in the community heard about what happened, they run-up to the farmer says “ Oh my god, what good luck you have, your son doesn’t have to go to the war! Our sons,  they got drafted! ”
And the wise farmer, he looks back at them for the last time and says “ hmmm… Maybe”.
The moral is :
It’s so easy for us to develop negative mindsets. When something “bad” happens to us, “good” “bad”  who knows? Do you really know what’s positive or negative? When you don’t see the full picture. There are so many people who’ve had failures, losses, and illnesses, these things wound up being their greatest teachers because they couldn’t have the perspective that they have now without it.
So next time something “bad” happens to you and somebody says “Oh man, that really sucks ”, just Be like the farmer, BE PATIENT BE STILL AND SAYS “ hmmm.. Maybe ”

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