How Love Defeated Casteism

Vijay’s father was a strong believer in casteism. He was clearly told that he will not be allowed to marry someone who does not belong to their caste.

Vijay had this thought embedded in his mind. He kept himself away from the girls and focused on his career.

But, his life took a U-turn when he met Kajal.

Vijay was the captain of the debate team that was competing against the team of Kajal. His team conquered the quest with a difference of just one point.

A party was organised for the celebration. Kajal caught Vijay staring at her. Vijay gathered back himself which was amazed by the beauty and intelligence of Kajal.

He became conscious about his thought of staying away from a girl who doesn’t belong to his caste.

But, soon he found Kajal standing next to him.

“Afraid of a girl?” she questioned.

“Afraid of falling in love.” he replied.

“Aah. Look we have a coward.” she smirked.

“Nope. Just logical, practical and rational.” he sounded confident.

The short conversation soon turned into late night chats.

But, there was one thing that Kajal never revealed. Her identity. She never talked about it. When asked she always kept silent.

Vijay was never bothered about it either. Her origin was never important for Vijay.

They remained friends for 2 years.

There was compatibility, care, love, loyalty, honesty and everything you ask for a successful marriage.

But, Vijay knew very well that his family will never allow him to marry her.

Caste. A strong villain was standing tall in their way.

“I want to meet your parents.” she asked for the permission.

“What? They don’t even..” he couldn’t finish his sentence.

“Just bring me in front of them for once.” she begged.

He agreed. They appeared in front of his family.

“I want to marry your son.” she announced after winning their hearts with her persona, two hours later.

“What? You can’t. You don’t belong to our…” his father was unable to complete his sentence.

I belong to no caste. I was dropped on the door of orphanage when I was one day old. I don’t know who are my parents. I don’t know whether I am Hindu, Muslim or Christian. I know only one thing about me that I am a human.” she had no tears, regret and sadness on her face. She was confident.

His father had no excuse and was speechless.

Love defeated casteism.

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