Most Savage House of the Dragon Quotes and Sayings (HBO)

Today we have gathered 40+ House of the Dragon Season 1 Quotes. House of the Dragon is a History series streaming on HBO Max. House of the Dragon is the prequel to the legendary Game Of Thrones. We have seen the first episode of the series, and it did not disappoint at all.

House of the Dragon Quotes is transcribed by us while watching the series. House of the Dragon is one of the most hyped tv shows to be released on 2022. After watching the first episode of it, I can safely say it delivered.

Throughout the whole series, you will see recurring scenes of sex, and profanity but mostly drama, it is a very dramatic and enjoyable tv show. These HOTD Quotes and sayings will give a glimpse into the characters of the show. None of these sayings are been manipulated by us. Only 1 episode has been released, there are 10 episodes, we will be updating the House of Dragon quotes every week.

The main characters of the House Of The Dragons are Viserys Targaryen, Daemon Targaryen, Rhaenyra Targaryen, Otto Hightower, Aemma Targaryen, and Corlys Velaryon. We have added the names of the character who said the quote.

House of the Dragon quotes and hotd gifs season 1. dragon fire scene House of the Dragon

These 40+ House of the Dragon quotes will show you a preview of how amazing this HBO Max Series is.

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Let’s get into the list of Top Quotes from House of the Dragon Season 1.

dracarys in house of the dragon. Rhaenyra and daenerys taragareyan in house of the dragons

The idea that we control the dragons is an illusion. They’re a power man should never have trifled with. One that brought Valyria its doom. If we don’t mind our own histories, it will do the same to us.
– Viserys Targaryen

The blood of the dragon runs thick.
– Daemon Targaryen

We have royal wombs, you and I. The childbed is our battlefield. We must learn to face it with a stiff lip.
– Aemma Targaryen

Jaehaerys called the Great Council to prevent a war from being fought over his succession. For he knew the cold truth. The only thing that could tear down the House of the Dragon was itself.
– Rhaenyra Targaryen

The gods have yet to make a man who lacks the patience for absolute power.
– Otto Hightower

The road ahead is uncertain, but the end is clear.
– Viserys Targaryen

If the world of men is to survive, a Targaryen must be seated on the Iron Throne. A king or queen. Strong enough to unite the realm against the cold and the dark.’
– King Viserys Targaryen

Everyone says Targaryens are closer to gods than to men, but they say that because of our dragons. Without them, we’re just like everyone else.
– Rhaenyra Targaryen

Now they see you as you are.
– Rhaenyra Targaryen

When I am queen, I will create a new order.
– Rhaenyra Targaryen

This could well be my chair one day.
– Daemon Targaryen

History does not remember the blood. It remembers names.
– Corlys Velaryon

Men would sooner put the realm to the torch than see a woman ascend the iron throne.
– Rhaenys Velaryon

What is this brief, mortal life, if not the pursuit of legacy?
– Corlys Velaryon

Dreams didn’t make us kings. Dragons did.
– Daemon Targaryen

Every time that golden beast brings you back unspoiled it saves my head from a spike.
– Ser Harrold Westerling

I want to fly with you on dragon back, see the great wonders across the Narrow Sea, and eat only cake.
– Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen

There’s a boy in the Queen’s belly. I know it. And my heir will soon put all of this damnable hand-wringing to rest himself.
– King Viserys Targaryen

Well, let’s get into the list of some of the best quotes from House of the Dragon Season 1. Here’s the list of the best House of the Dragon season 1 quote.

House of the Dragon Season 1 received a ton of positive feedback from the fans for its successful portrayal of the History of Westeros. If you like our list of House of the Dragon Season 1 quotes, comment below. Also, mention your favorite quote from our list and your favorite character from HBOMax House of the Dragon show.

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