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Murder Mystery 2 – Parents Review [Adults]

The Spitzes, a former police officer and hairdresser turned private detectives, receive an invitation to their billionaire friend Vic’s wedding on his private island. However, the festivities are interrupted when a murder takes place, distracting everyone from the kidnapping of the Maharajah (Vic) by a group of organized and cunning kidnappers.

Nick and Audrey, along with a retired MI5 agent, are on a mission to save their friend but end up being the chief suspects in the abduction, forcing them to evade the law as they try to solve the case.

As a language model, I do not have personal opinions or perspectives on movies, but I can summarize the review’s content. The reviewer did not enjoy the film as it did not live up to its potential to be a fun movie, with humor that quickly became repetitive and action scenes that were too extended and boring.

The cast was capable, with Mark Strong standing out, and the locations were beautiful. However, the movie was marred by pervasive and relentless violence, with scenes of arson, reckless driving, sexual innuendo, and substance abuse. The reviewer suggested that fans of Sandler or Aniston might enjoy the movie, but it is not suitable for family-friendly movie nights.

The movie’s running time is 99 minutes, directed by Jeremy Garelick, and stars Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Mark Strong. It was released in theaters on March 31, 2023.

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Murder Mystery Part 2 Parents Guide Summary

Violence:   An angry client shoots an arrow at people but misses. A dying man is seen with a knife in his back. People are shot at, stabbed with knives, and attacked with hatchets with sometimes lethal results. A car bomb explodes with a person in the vehicle. A person is deliberately run over. A person deliberately sets a house fire. A character’s clothes catch fire. A character is forced to wear a suicide vest that is wired to detonate. A man is thrown from a great height and dies messily (off-screen). A helicopter crashes and bursts into flames.
Sexual Content: A man’s buttocks are visible while he’s sleepwalking. A woman is braless, and her t-shirt is thin. A man jokingly offers to let another man have sex with his wife for money. A man mentions that he has a picture of his genitals on his phone. There is some crude innuendo about genital size. There are several moments of sexual innuendo. There is a running joke about pink handcuffs meant as a sex toys.
Profanity:  The script contains at least 55 terms of deity, two dozen scatological curses, a half dozen minor profanities, and a few crude anatomical expressions. There is a single sexual expletive.
Alcohol / Drug Use: A man smokes from a samovar. Two adults are unknowingly given sedative drugs. An adult smokes a cigarette. Two adults vape together and blow smoke rings. Adults drink alcohol in social situations.