Fear or Love?

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“I think my people love me,” beamed Akbar during his stroll with Birbal in the royal garden.

“You are right your majesty. But people also fear you,” came the reply from Birbal.

The Smart Wife

Sujata loved her kind-hearted husband, Madhav. Although poor, Madhav was a generous man. Every day he would bring guests home for lunch. Often, the couple would go hungry after serving guests.

The Noisy Neighbours

Motubhai was a merchant. After earning a lot of money, he bought a big house. One afternoon, he lay down for a nap. He had barely closed his eyes

A Trip To Heaven

One morning, a farmer found that some animal had broken into his farm in the night and had eaten some of the sugar canes he was growing.

Monkeys On A Fast

One day, a group of monkeys in a banana grove decided to fast. “Fasting once in fifteen days is good for our health,” said a wise old monkey. All monkeys nodded their heads.

Fresh Fish Sold Here

Nasruddin Hodja opened a shop to sell fish. To attract customers, he hung a slate on which he wrote: “FRESH FISH SOLD HERE.” Then he sat down in the shop, waiting for customers.

Absent-Minded Hodja

Nasruddin Hodja was absent-minded. One day, he set out on his donkey to visit a friend. “Have a safe journey,” said his wife. “Do not leave your belongings somewhere and return without them,” she cautioned him. Hodja nodded his head and left. On the way, Hodja met some friends. He got off the donkey and …