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Pallu Padama Paathuka – Movie Review

The south Indian film industry has attempted to bring a fresh spin to the popular zombie genre with “Pallu Padama Paathuka”, directed by Vijay Varadhan. The film follows the journey of five youngsters who find themselves in a deep forest, contemplating suicide due to their personal problems.

Pallu Padama Paathuka – Movie Review

However, their plans take a dramatic turn when they come across a group of dangerous zombies and a girl who comes to their rescue. While the premise has the potential for situational comedy, the film fails to deliver both scares and entertainment. The weak plot, offensive dialogues, and innuendos do not add any value to the story.

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The second half of the film is poorly written, and the antagonist group led by Hareesh Peradi is not fully developed.

Pallu Padama Paathuka Movie Details

Director: Vijay Varadharaj
Cast: Dinesh, Sanchita Shetty, Shah Ra, Rajendran, Jagan, Linga, Sai Dheena, Harish Paredy, Abdul and Rishikanth
Rating: 2/5