ABS Road At Night

He reached the apartment after his work. Time was almost 10 pm. He opened the door, threw his bag on the couch and went to his bedroom.
Suddenly he heard some voices and the power was out. “It might be Sharma ji’s cat!”, he thought.
He  reached his pocket, took the phone and used its flash light.While he  was busy changing, curtains started dangling, in the wind oozing out of  the windows.
The power came back making a visible shadow on his curtains other than his! When he turned back, it disappeared!
Again some noises came and he went to the kitchen to check. The clock of fear has started ticking in him.
His  eyes zoomed around shielding him. Sweat drops dripped through his  forehead. He moved like a floating feather, in order to find the source  of sound.
A cat was there in his bed room which ran after seeing him. He retrieved his senses.
He dozed off on his bed. He was waken by Sharma ji. Time was 11 p.m. then.
“Can I borrow ₹1000?”, asked Sharma ji.
“Sure, uncle. By the way your cat was creating nuisance here. Please control it.”, he said.
“But my cat was found dead yesterday morning!!”, Sharma ji was surprised!
“Then it might be some other…”
“Only I own a cat in this flat. Also I have heard that Mehta’s puppy is missing! See you later.”
With tangled thoughts, he sat on his couch after switching on the TV. A live newsflash came.
“A  girl was found dead in a fatal accident took place at ABC road today at  9:30 p.m. None of the vehicles which passed that time helped the girl.”
Benumbed, he recovered the moments when his humanity died along with that girl, as he saw and ignored her, bleeding!
Bulbs started flickering. He jumped out of his couch seeing a shadow on the curtains.
“La..La..  Help..La..La..”, a song started playing in his TV. His spine was frozen and heart was ripped by fear, in front of his eyes. He ran to his  bedroom and locked it, panting.
Morning newsflash came…
“Another  murder happened within 2 hours. After thorough investigation, both of  the victims were found to have passed through the ABC road in between  9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. yesterday.”
Source – Quora

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