“Sheikh’s Grand Plan” – Indian Folk Stories

One day Sheikh Chilli set out to sell mustard oil. He walked with an oil vessel on his head and dreams in his head. “I will get a good price for the oil. What shall I do with the money I’m going to earn?” he wondered.

Just then a herd of goats passed by.

“I can buy a goat. The goat will have babies. I’ll sell the baby goats for good money. What shall I do with that money?” Sheikh Chilli wondered.

Just then a herd of cattle passed by.

sheikh chilli grand plan

“Oh yes, I can buy a cow with that money. The cow will give me milk. I will sell the milk. With that money, I’ll buy a field. I’ll also buy a pair of bullocks to plough the field. I’ll then grow crops and marry a girl.”

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Sheikh Chilli went on dreaming as he walked. Unfortunately, he didn’t see the bullock, which was standing on the road. Sheikh Chilli walked into the bullock and fell to the ground.

The pot broke and the oil spilled on the ground. Sheikh Chilli started cursing the buffalo.

“You stupid animal. You have ruined my life! I lost my oil. I lost the goat. I lost the cow. I lost my field and my bullocks. I lost everything!”

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