Shorten The Road

Akbar was on a long road journey to a neighboring kingdom on a hot day. The heat vexed him. He complained about the long road to Birbal.

Birbal commented that he could shorten the road.

“Really? Please do that if possible,” said the intrigued Akbar.

“Sure, your majesty. But before that you have to solve five riddles,” came Birbal’s reply.

Akbar agreed. Birbal started asking the riddles one after the other. Akbar would take time to solve the tricky riddles.

Right when Akbar solved the fifth riddle, he said, “Too bad you could not shorten the road and I managed to solve all your five riddles,” he said triumphantly.

Birbal smiled. “But I have shortened the road huzoor. We are at the destination.”

Akbar noticed that they had reached their destination.

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