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Something Bad Has Happened – Real Horror Stories

I  rode to my home straight after the movie. The way was usually deserted at this time in the night. Today, it was not. There were some groups

I  rode to my home straight after the movie. The way was usually deserted at this time in the night. Today, it was not. There were some groups of people surrounded on the road, blocking my way. More people are  gathering towards it. Looking their movements and expressions on their face and the sense of urgency surrounding them, I figured that something  bad has happened.
In  an instant, I got off my bike and walked towards them. My heart started  pounding without my permission. I made my way through them to see what  was happening.
I  saw a girl, with her clothes torn, bleeding and bruises on different  parts of her body. She was lying there, helpless and soaked in her  blood, unconscious and at the brink of the death.
My  heart stopped for a moment and started beating continously. I clenched  my wrists, shivering and absolutely terrified. I was standing there,  motionless, for a time which felt like forever, fear striken.
When  I came to my senses, I saw people talking among themselves and few,  just like me, frozen. Just a few minutes ago, some elderly man passing  by saw her and informed the police and ambulance- I overheard them. Some were talking that she may be dead.
No one went near her and checked if she is alive or not. No one was  willing to take her to the hospital. They were just standing there,  waiting for the officials to come and save her.
Few,  who gave the idea of taking her to the hospital were stopped by their  friends, emphasizing them about the leagal consequences.
I  wanted to move forward and help her. To make a stand and take her to  the hospital. But, I was scared. I was not able to go forward.
All  these people standing there silently, doing nothing just held me back with themselves, almost invisibly. They had an effect on me.
I wanted to go back and home and act like this never happened in my life. I was trembling and shivering. I couldn’t go back.
I didn’t want to leave her in this position.
Everyone of us were standing in the middle of the road, hoping that some one would come forward and take her to the hospital.
I  badly hoped that some one may come forward and take her. My heart was beating for her life, hoping that it would be saved by someone.
I waited for the police and an ambulance. They are nowhere to be seen.
I  don’t know if she is still breathing or not. Then, a person came and  saw her, maybe, it. He swiftly went to her and went near her. He saw if  she was breathing. He took her in her hands and was trying to lift her  up and was seeing towards all of us, asking us to act like human and help him. At a moment, his eyes met mine and I moved forward. We both  with lifted her, all more soaked in blood, and took her to the hospital  in his auto along with two others.
We waited until the police arrived and went back to our homes.
I  never thought I am such a coward. Today, because of me, life was at stake. She lived. Thanks to the god and that auto driver. Whenever I  read news about rape or accident, I usually feel bad, just for a  moment, curse the culprits and move one to the next page. From then,  they only remind me of how coward I was and the society I am living in,  which may have failed to save a life, if not some people come and take the stand. Though she lived, the burden of taking a life will always be on me.