Hey Sophie !! – Real Horror Stories

A  young girl in middle school skipped out of school and waited for her dad near the street. After a couple of minutes, the family van pulled up, and the window rolled down to reveal her smiling father.
“Hey, Sophie!” He greeted her cheerily as he pushed a button to open the door.
“Hi, dad!” Sophia grinned and hopped into the back seat of the van, shut the door, and put on her seatbelt.
“How was school?”
“It  was great! In writing, Miss Bess let us write about anything we wanted.  I chose to write a fiction story, which she said was really good.”
Sophia went on to talk about how hard math was, how gross the school’s lunch was, and how exhausting the gym was. After she finished, she laid back in the seat and took out her phone to play a game.
After a while, she realized that they had been in the car for much longer than it usually took to get home. She sat up in her seat and looked out the window. For some reason, they were driving down an empty street,  lined with forest.
This was very different from the usual route home.
Suddenly, her phone buzzed with a call. The caller’s ID was ‘Dad’.
Confused and freaked out, she gripped the phone with sweaty palms and answered it.
Her dad’s voice came from the phone.
“Hi,  Sophie! Sorry I’m so late. I was held back by work. I asked your mom to pick you up, but she said she’s busy with your sister. I’m out by the  front of your school, you can head out now.”
Sophie slowly looked up to the man sitting in the driver’s seat, both hands on the wheel, not a phone in sight, driving farther down the empty road.

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