Written by 08:25 Short Stories

The Ghost Catcher – North Indian Folk Tales

Sanju was a barber. He would roam from place to place to find clients looking to get a haircut or a shave.

He carried all his tools safely in a small box. The box had a pair of scissors, shaving blades, combs and a mirror.

Sanju used to take it wherever he went. “You can never tell when someone will need a shave or a haircut,” he would tell his wife, “One day I’ll save enough money and open my own hair-cutting salon.”

One morning, Sanju left home, with the small box in hand. At noon, he took a nap under a shady tree.

ghost stories india

Unfortunately, that tree was home to a ghost. It was lunch time and the ghost was hungry. It was thrilled to see Sanju under that very tree. The ghost jumped down, threw his hands wide and sang and danced in joy.

I’m the ghost of the tree
Food, delicious food for my tummy.

Sanju got up. He saw the ghost and quickly thought of a plan to escape. He started singing as well:

Ah, I’m happy, so happy
One more ghost in my kitty.

The ghost was confused. This man did not seem to be afraid at all.

“I’ll get you right into my kitty,” Sanju said showing the ghost his box, “I already have one in the box who wants company. You will join him.”

“I don’t believe you. You are a liar,” screamed the ghost.

“Let me show you the ghost I have in the box,” said Sanju, and took out a mirror and held it to up. The ghost was shocked to see another ghost there. It didn’t know it was its own reflection!

The ghost begged Sanju to let him go and offered him a bag of gold coins.

Sanju collected the bag of gold coins and headed home.

His wife was happy to see him back.

The next day Sanju opened his hair-cutting salon complete with life size mirrors and high seats!