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Top 10 “Gorr” Quotes from Thor: Love and Thunder

Here are 10 of the best quotes of The Gorr played by Christian bale from the Marvel Movie, Thor: Love and Thunder (2022). Thor: Love and Thunder is one of the most popular and engaging movies in 2022. With the increasing popularity of this Movie, we thought of bringing you the (Christian bale) best quotes from The Gorr: The Bod Butcher, Thor: Love and Thunder.

The Gorr is played by Christian bale, is the main character from the show, his un-matchable performance should be remembered. Gorr; the bod butcher is one of the biggest hype of this movie, hence it was played by legendary Christian bale.

Right now we have only added 5 quotes from Gorr: the Bod Butcher. We will be adding more quotes soon. Comment if you know more quotes that we have missed, We are adding the first 10 quotes in the comments, with your social media link, if provided (as credits).

Here are 10 of Gorr’s (Christian bale) best Quotes/Sayings from Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) Movie.

The only ones who god cares about are themselves.
– Gorr Quotes from Thor 4

So this is my vow.
– Gorr Quotes from Thor: Love and Thunder

All gods will die.
– Gorr: the Bod Butcher Quotes from Thor: Love and Thunder

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You are not like the other Gods I’ve killed.
– Gorr: the Bod Butcher Quotes

Top 10 "Gorr" Quotes from Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor. I know your pain. Your suffering. You’ve lost. You can’t protect them.
– Gorr: the Bod Butcher Quote

Reading these 10 quotes of The Gorr from Thor: Love and Thunder will give a PREVIEW of Gorr’s character in Thor 4.

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