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Top 10 The Gray Man (2022) Movie Quotes

The Gray Man is one of the most popular movies that has been released in July 2022. The movie is already a huge talk among the fans, due to the star-studded cast and the directors. So, we are bringing you the top 10 The Gray Man Movie quotes for you to enjoy.

Netflix’s The Gray Man is directed by Russo Brothers, who are popular for their marvel movie directorial. These “The Gray Man” Quotes will give a preview of the movie. So, if you haven’t watched The Gray Man yet, we recommend you to watch the movie. The Gray Man Movie quotes are being transcribed here while watching the movie.

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Netflix has dropped The Gray Man Movie for everyone to watch. Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Ana De Armas, and Dhanush are the casts. An impressive cast like this along with the Russo brothers has given us a marvel. So, let’s get into the list of Top 10 The Gray Man Movie quotes.

Top 10 The Gray Man Movie Quotes

The Gray Man Movie Quotes that are being displayed below contain SPOILERS. So, we have limited the number of quotes to be displayed. If you like these Top 10 Quotes, share our post with your friends.

The following gray man dialogues contain, (Chris Evans) Lloyd Hansen Quotes from The Gray Man, (Ryan Gosling) Court Gentry Quotes, Mark Greaney Quotes, (Ana De Armas) Dani Miranda quotes..etc.

My skill set is not conducive to honest work.
― Mark Greaney

If you wanna make an omelet, you gotta kill some people.
― Lloyd Hansen

If you wanna make an omelet, you gotta kill some people. lloyd hansen quotes, the gray man quotes by chris evans
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I’m about to put a hit so big on your boy’s head, that even his most loyal allies won’t hesitate to drop a dime.
― Lloyd Hansen

That could be fun. The man’s got some street cred.
― Lloyd Hansen

I can kill anybody.
― Lloyd Hansen

i can kill anybody, llyod hansen quotes, the gray man quote
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Reckless mystery men you guys send in when you can’t officially send anyone else.
― Dani Miranda

his back to the wall sat a young American soldier. His eyes were open and blinking rapidly. Cradled in his arms was a second infidel. This man was black and appeared either unconscious or dead.
― Mark Greaney

It’s gonna be my funeral you’re going to next.
― Court Gentry

It’s gonna be my funeral you’re going to next.  court gentry quotes the gray man quotes by ryan gosling
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I mean, my ego’s a little bruised.
― Court Gentry

my ego ryan gosling quotes, the gray man quotes, court gentry quote and dialogues

Court Gentry: Aw, man.
Lloyd Hansen: Hey, sunshine.
Court Gentry: You must be Lloyd.
Lloyd Hansen: What gave it away?
Court Gentry: The white pants. The trash ‘stache. It’s just, that it leans Lloyd.

Lloyd Hansen: Where’s the drive?
Court Gentry: I got it here somewhere. It’s just hard to see. Is that it?
Lloyd Hansen: [as Gentry drops a bomb] Ballsy.

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court gentry and llyod hansesn dialogue from the gray man

Dani Miranda: Let’s go.
Court Gentry: I’m good.
Dani Miranda: [points her gun at him] Let’s go.
Court Gentry: [puts up his hands] It sounded like a question.

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