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Top 20 “Brown Parents” Captions for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

We have gathered a list of the top 20 brown parents’ statuses that you can post on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more. “Brown Parents” is a very popular term used by South Asian communities.

When you scroll down Twitter or Facebook, you would have eventually come across at least one Desi Parents tweets or a Facebook post.

Top 10 brown parents’ Twitter status & brown parents’ Instagram captions were sent to us by anonymous social media users. We would like to give credits to authors, hence if any of the quotes or sayings are first posted by you or anyone that you know of, let us know in the comments section. We would love to give credit to their respected owners.

Top 20 Brown Parents Quotes for Instagram and Twitter.

Desi parents invest in their kids so they can reap benefits in their old age. Every relationship is transactional. Invest so you can reap profit in return. This is very toxic and dysfunctional. Desi parenting is also very conditional. It’s a bitter truth

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Brown parents never admit they’re wrong

Brown parents don’t say “hello” when we answer their phone, they say “Kahan hai?” instead,

You tell your brown parents to not enter your room because you might have covid and the first thing they do is barge into your room

brown parents expect you to develop all the social and sexual skills out of the blue

According to Brown parents, if you follow your passion you gonna be unemployed.

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Are you even brown if your parents don’t leave keys under the doormat after leaving?

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Brown parents be scolding you in front of everyone and then scold you again because you avoid gatherings.

Brown parents are quick to catch their kids in a relationship, But not in Depression

Brown parents: “You don’t have to say yes if you don’t like him”
Also brown parents the next minute: “You can’t just say no like that!”

brown parents are like the plumber is coming to hide every evidence that women live here

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If brown parents had parenting skills as good as their bargaining skills, we wouldn’t have been this fucked up.

The brown parents urge to make their kids follow their own unfulfilled childhood dreams and screw their careers and life.

brown parents think waking up early solves all your problems.

Nothing hurts brown parents more than seeing their child relaxing and using their phone

Ask brown parents about a good child and watch them describe a robot

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Brown parents need to realize that comparison is not motivation.

Brown parents: How can you get things online you haven’t tried on
Also brown parents: Here are some photos choose a guy & marry him

Brown parent logic is that you’re not an adult until you get married and have kids

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