Top 25+ Why Her (KDrama) Quotes and Dialogues

Why her is a popular Korean drama series that is just finished its run. So, we are bringing you the top 25 Why her quotes in English from the series. Why Her is a 2022 Kdrama series directed by Park Soo-jin. Korean dramas are considered to be the most controversial shows on social media.

We loved this show. We also think that you do too, that is why you are here. We also hope that you would like our why her quotes in English and dialogues.

Native Title: 왜 오수재인가
Also Known As Why Oh Soo Jae?, Wae Osujaeinga?
Screenwriter: Kim Ji Eun
Director: Park Soo Jin
Genres: Mystery, Law, Romance, Melodrama
Synopsis: It is about a cold hearted lawyer and a law-school student falling in love. 
No of episodes: 16

Without further ado, let’s get into the list of the top 10 Why her Quotes (Korean Drama). If we miss any quotes, let us know in the comments section. Also Read, The Gray Man Movie Quotes.

Top 25+ Why Her Korean Drama Quotes

We have categorized the “Why Her” Korean Quotes and Dialogues into four. Yoo Jae Quotes, Soo Jae Quotes, Gong Chan Quotes, and Other Quotes.

Yoo Jae Quotes from Why Her Kdrama

“We must gain power and have a solid foundation. You and I both. So we don’t get lost.”
– Yoo Jae

“What a mess. But I believe you.”
– Yoo Jae

“Why are you assuming she’s a victim just because she’s a woman? What if she is really a gold digger?”
– Yoo Jae

Why are you assuming she’s a victim just because she’s a woman? korean drama quotes, why her quotes, yoo jae quotes, soo jae quotes

“Those with questionable intentions always have a suspicious attitude.”
– Yoo Jae

“Cursing someone magically gives you the strength to live.”
– Yoo Jae

Soo Jae Quotes from Why Her Series

“The intention isn’t important. The result is.”
– Soo Jae

“Why are you sitting next to me if you think I’m lame?”
– Soo Jae

“When I barely manage to get over a hurdle, there’s another one waiting for me. And another one.”
– Soo Jae

“I feel like my name has been rolling around on the ground like a piece of trash. Do you know what it’s like?”
– Soo Jae

“I don’t risk my life for something so insignificant.”
– Soo Jae

“You perceive me and judge me as you please. That’s crossing the line.”
– Soo Jae

Gong Chan Quotes from Why Her Series

“We all have more than one side. There could be dozens. No, hundreds. So having a couple of lame sides really isn’t a big deal.”
– Gong Chan

“Why hide just to cry? It’s lame.”
– Gong Chan

“Sometimes in life, you feel like only bad things are coming your way. But if you wait for a little and look around you, you’ll see that good things are happening. And you’ll see good people around you.”
– Gong Chan

“When I’m with you, I don’t care about getting my pride crushed.”
– Gong Chan

When I’m with you, I don’t care about getting my pride crushed. why her quotes, gong chan quotes, korean drama quotes in english

“Why can’t I beat him? My heart is worth 70 billion dollars.”
– Gong Chan

“When you’re tired and having a tough day, having delicious food is the best remedy. That helps you the most.”
– Gong Chan

“You know, even if you’re the sweetest person in the whole wide world, there are times when you have to act mean to beat others.”
– Gong Chan

Why Her Quotes from Other Characters

“Becoming a lawyer who threatens the victim and makes them want to kill themselves. Was that your dream?”
– Park So Young Quotes

“The managing partner must possess excellent leadership skills. I believe that character matters more than performance.”
– Song Mirim Quotes

“Become a good lawyer people can open up to.”
– Yoo Jae’s father Quotes

“You can’t beat a guy who has seven billion dollars.”
– Auntie

“Crazy girls can recognize each other.”
– Jun Hee Quotes

“The hardest thing in life is getting people to open up to you. But you’re kind and smart. So everyone you meet will open up to you.”
– Yoo Jae’s father

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