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Top 5 Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya Stories in English (PDF)

Today we have gathered the top Top 5 Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya Stories that you can read. These indian stories will ease your mind. SO take your time and enjoy these short readings.

Tenali Ramakrishna was an advisory to King Krishnadevaraya. He was known for his amazing humor, and extraordinary intelligence. All the stories of Tenali Raman tell us about his relationship with the king, his wisdom, and his problem-solving capabilities. Acquaint your child with Tenali Ramakrishna with his amazing tales.

5. The Greedy Brahmins

The mother of King Krishnadevaraya was very religious. One day she came and told the king that she would like to offer ripe mangoes to the brahmins the next morning. The king asked his attendants to get mangoes for her. That very night, the king’s mother died. The king was very sad, but he remembered her last wish.

The king performed all the necessary religious rites. On the last day, he called some brahmins and asked them to suggest a way to fulfill his mother’s last wish. However, the brahmins were greedy. After a discussion, they told the king that his mother’s soul would be at peace only if the king donated mangoes made of gold to them.

The king invited the brahmins the next morning to give away gold mangoes to them. Tenali Raman heard this and at once understood that the Brahmins were greedy. He invited them to his house to teach them a lesson.

The next day the Brahmins were very happy to get the mangoes made of gold from the king. Then they went to Tenali’s house thinking that he too would donate something good to them. But when they went inside his house, they saw Tenali standing with the hot iron bar in his hand.
The Brahmins were shocked. Tenali told them that his mother had died after suffering from rheumatism. She always wished to burn her legs with the hot rods to ease the pain. Thus, he wanted to burn the legs of the Brahmins so that his mother’s soul could rest in peace.

The Brahmins understood his trick. Feeling ashamed, they returned back the gold mangoes to Tenali and fled from there. Tenali returned all the gold mangoes to the King and told him how the king had been fooled by the brahmins.

4. The Thieves And The Well

Once when King Krishnadevaraya had gone to survey the jail, two burglars who were prisoners there, asked for his mercy. They told him that they were experts at burglary and could help the king in catching other thieves.

The king being a kind ruler asked his guards to release them but with a condition. He told the burglars that he would release them and appoint them as his spies only if they could break into his advisor Tenali Raman’s house and steal valuables from there. The thieves agreed to the challenge.

That same night the two thieves went to Tenali Raman’s house and hid behind some bushes. After dinner, when Tenali Raman came out for a stroll, he heard some rustling in the bushes. He at once perceived the existence of thieves in his garden.

After some time he went in and told his wife loudly that they have to be careful about their valuables as two thieves were on the run. He asked her to put all the gold and silver coins and jewelry in a trunk. The thieves overheard the conversation between Tenali and his wife.
After some time, he carried the trunk to the well in the backyard of his house and threw it in the well. The thieves saw all of this.

As soon as Tenali went inside his house, the burglars came to the well and began drawing water out of it. They kept drawing water the entire night. Almost at dawn, they managed to pull out the trunk but were shocked to see stones in it. This is when Tenali Raman came out and thanked them for letting him sleep well at night and also for watering his plants. The two thieves understood that Tenali Raman had outsmarted them. They apologized to Tenali Raman and he let them go.

3. The Reward And The Punishment

When Tenali Raman first came to Hampi, he wanted to meet King Krishnadevaraya. Leaving his wife at the temple, he rushed towards the king’s court to meet him. When he arrived outside the king’s palace, the guard at the palace gate did not allow him to enter.

Tenali Raman told him that he wanted to meet the king as he had heard that King Krishnadevaraya was very kind and generous. He said that since he had come from a far-off place, the king would surely give him gifts. Hearing that the guard asked Tenali if he gets gifts from the king, what will he get? Tenali promised the guard that whatever the King gives him, he would share it with him. The guard then allowed him to get inside the palace.

When he was about to enter the king’s court, another guard stopped him. Tenali Raman promised him half of what he would receive as a gift. Hearing this, he too let Tenali in.
When Tenali went inside the king’s court, he ran towards him. The king got angry and ordered his guards to give him fifty lashes. With folded hands, he told the king that he had to share this gift with the guards who had helped him enter the king’s court. Hearing this, the king ordered the two guards to be given fifty lashes each.

The king was very impressed by Tenali Raman’s quick wit and intelligence. He gifted his expensive clothes and took him as his royal court jester.

2. The Biggest Fool

the biggest fool tenali raman story english pdf download

King Krishnadevaraya loved horses and had a collection of some of the best breeds of horses in his stable.

Once a horse trader from Arabia came to the court of Krishnadevaraya and told him that he had some very good breed of Arabian horses for sale. He invited the King to see the horse that he had brought with him and told him that if he liked it, he would send for the other horses too.

The King loved the horse and told him that he would like all his horses. The King paid him 5000 gold coins as an advance, and the trader promised that he would return with the other horses in 2 days before leaving.

Two days passed by, then two weeks and still, the trader did not return. The King got more and more anxious. One evening, to relax his mind, he went to take a stroll in the garden. There he saw Tenali Raman writing down something on paper. The King went up to him and asked what he was writing. He did not get an answer. The King further quizzed him. Tenali then looked up and told the King that he was writing down the names of the biggest fools of the Vijayanagar Kingdom.

The King took the paper from him and saw his name written at the top. He was furious with Tenali and asked for an explanation. To that Tenali replied that any man who gives away 5000 gold coins to a total stranger is a fool. The King then asked Tenali what if he returned with the horses; to which Tenali said then, in that case, that man would be a fool. He would then write down the trader’s name instead of the king’s.

1. The King’s Dream

One morning, Krishnadevaraya looked very worried. Tenali Raman asked the King what made him look so worried. The King answered that it was the dream that had been troubling him. Tenali further quizzed him about his dream.

The King told him that he dreamt of a beautiful palace floating in the clouds. It was made up of precious stones and had wonderful gardens. But suddenly the dream ended and the king was unable to forget the dream.

Tenali was about to tell the futility of such dreams when Chatur Pandit, another Minister of Krishnadevaraya told the king that he should chase his dream and make it come true. Chatur Pandit being a cunning man had plans to make the king build such a castle and taking a chance of the opportunity to fill his pocket.

Tenali understood Chatur Pandit’s corrupt plan but did not show his displeasure against the plan. The king asked Chatur to start work on the project the very next day.
Days went by, but every time the king asked about the project, Chatur would make excuses. He would ask the King a few more questions about his dream and then ask for more time and money.

One day an old man came inside the court of Krishnadevaraya and asked him for justice. Since the king was very just and honest, he promised the man that he would be given justice.
The old man told the king that he had been a wealthy merchant till a week back when he was looted and his family members killed. The king inquired if he knew who did so and he said that he did know. The King asked for the name. To the king’s astonishment, the old man said he had a dream last night and he saw that he was looted and his family was murdered by the king and Chatur Pandit. Hearing that the king got angry and asked him how his dream could be a reality. The old man replied back by saying that he was just a mere citizen of an empire whose king was chasing an impossible dream.

Getting this reply and on a closer look, the King could make out that the old man was none other than his very own advisor Tenali Raman.

The wonderful stories of Tenali Raman are more than just stories. His tales depict his wisdom, intelligence, and wit. So, narrate these stories to your kids and acquaint them with a clever man. Comment your thoughts below.