Top 5 Very Short Stories in English with Moral [PDF]

With everyone busy life, all of us need some relaxing time, that’s why we are bringing you our top 5 most favorite very short stories in English along with their morals for you to read for your kids in Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and also kindergarten. All of our very short English stories are quick to read and the best stress relievers.

Short stories are an excellent way to communicate important life lessons and morals in a concise and engaging manner. Many of the greatest works of literature are short stories that have stood the test of time due to their timeless themes and memorable characters.

Top 5 Very Short Stories in English with Moral

Here are five of the best short stories in English that come with a moral and are available in PDF format.

1. Thirsty Traveller

Short stories to read for kindergarten Kids

Once upon a time, there was a farmer named Ram who was walking in a desert. He felt very thirsty and started looking for water. He searched everywhere but could not find any water source. After walking for a while, he saw a well in the middle of the desert. Ram felt very happy and ran towards the well. When he reached the well, he saw a water pump and a bottle of water lying nearby.

Ram was very thirsty and quickly picked up the bottle of water. However, he noticed a board with an instruction on it. The board said that he should use the water in the pump first and then only the water from the well would come out. Ram was confused and did not know what to do. He thought to himself, “Should I drink this water or should I use it in the pump?”

As he was thinking, he remembered the person who had left the bottle of water for him. Ram knew that the person who had left the bottle for him was a good man, and he wanted to be like him. So, he decided to follow the instructions on the board and poured the water from the bottle into the pump.

He started pumping the handle of the water pump, and soon fresh water started coming out of the well. Ram drank the fresh water from the well, and it was the best water he had ever tasted. He filled the bottle with the new water and went on his way.

From that day on, Ram learned that it is always important to follow instructions and trust good people. He also realized that sometimes, doing the right thing might take a little longer, but it’s always worth it in the end.

2. Hungry Servant

Good Short Short Stories to Read in 2023

Once upon a time, in a wealthy village, there was a landlord who had a big banana plantation. He was a generous man who loved to help the poor. After a good harvest, he decided to give some bananas to the nearest temple as an offering to God. He asked one of his servants to take the bananas to the temple.

On the way to the temple, the servant got very hungry, and he couldn’t resist the temptation of eating two bananas. He ate them and then continued his journey to the temple. When he arrived at the temple, he gave the remaining bananas to the priest.

That night, the landlord had a strange dream. In his dream, God visited him and said, “The two bananas you gave me were very good. They were tasty.” The landlord woke up suddenly and was surprised by his dream.

The next morning, he asked the servant whether all the bananas had reached the temple or not. The servant admitted that he had eaten two bananas because he was hungry. The landlord was disappointed, but he didn’t get angry. Instead, he realized that helping the poor was the only way to reach God.

From that day on, the landlord started helping all the people who needed it in his village. He donated food, clothes, and money to the poor, and he even built a school for the children in the village. The landlord learned that helping others was the best way to please God and that God didn’t care about how many bananas you offered, but about how much you cared for others.

The landlord’s kind and generous actions inspired others in the village to do the same, and soon, the entire village was transformed. Everyone was happy, and there was no more poverty or suffering. The landlord and the servant became good friends, and they worked together to help the people in the village. They learned that the true path to happiness was through kindness and generosity.

3. The Monkeys and the Gardener

Story for Kindergarten and grade 1 Student

Once upon a time, there was a hardworking farmer who owned vast farmland near a dense forest. He worked on his field every day to grow different crops and vegetables. He enjoyed his work, and the fruits of his labor were always worth it. One day, he noticed a group of monkeys living in the nearby tree, watching him as he worked.

As the days went by, the monkeys became more curious about the farmer’s work. They observed him carefully as he fetched water from the nearby river and watered his plants. Surprisingly, the monkeys started copying the farmer and began to carry water to the fields to water the plants.

One day, the farmer had to go to a nearby village for some urgent work. So, he called the monkey leader and asked him to water the plants for that day. The monkey leader was a bit worried and asked, “How will I know which plant needs more water and which plant needs less?”

The farmer smiled and said, “It’s easy. You just have to check the size of the plant’s roots. If the roots are thick and big, the plant needs more water, and if the roots are thin, the plant needs a small amount of water.”

The monkey leader nodded his head and agreed to do as the farmer said. The farmer left for the village, and the monkey leader began watering the plants just like the farmer did. He checked the roots of each plant and gave them the right amount of water they needed.

After a few days, the farmer returned to his farmland and got a shock of his life. All the plants had been pulled out of the ground and lay on the field. He asked the monkey leader, “Why did you do this?”

The monkey leader replied, “We wanted to check the roots of the plants, just like you said. So we pulled out the plants to see which ones had thick and big roots and which ones had thin roots.”

4. The Palace and The Hut

Read Me A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, there was an emperor who had a huge garden filled with beautiful scenery. Watching the garden was the best thing in his life.

Whenever any travelers visited his palace, the emperor personally walked with them and guided them in the garden, spending more time in the garden with the guests.

All the guests appreciated nature and thanked the king. But all of them saw an old hut in between the garden, and they were confused about why this ugly hut was in between the garden, but they didn’t have the courage to ask the king, so they remained silent.

One day, a neighboring emperor who was also a friend of the king visited the country and the garden with the king. As he was a friend of the king, he asked politely why this ugly hut was inside the garden.

The king replied, “It’s a brave hut. No one has asked about this in these years. You are the first to ask, and I am eager to answer this.”

The king continued, “At the beginning of the garden’s construction, some people lived in this landscape. I ordered them to evacuate this place and gave gold to the people who gave this garden to me. But one brave old lady didn’t get my gold or anything from me and said, ‘This is my own house. The king has no right to evacuate me.’”

The emperor admired the king’s bravery and said, “You have shown great mercy towards your citizen with courage. It’s a beautiful thing to see a king who values his citizens’ bravery and loyalty.”

The king smiled and thanked his friend for appreciating his decision. From then on, whenever anyone visited the garden, the king made sure to tell the story of the brave old lady and her hut.

5. The Feared Boy

Very Short Stories for Kids before bedtime

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who loved exploring the outdoors. He walked deep into the forest to see all the beautiful trees and animals. But after a while, he started feeling very hungry. He searched for food but couldn’t find any.

Finally, the boy spotted a mango tree with ripe and juicy mangoes. He climbed up the tree and started eating the mangoes. However, he noticed that all the mangoes on the lower branches were sour.

The boy decided to climb higher up the tree to find sweeter mangoes. But as he climbed up, the branch he was holding onto suddenly broke, and he started falling towards the ground. He quickly grabbed onto another branch to stop himself from falling.

But the boy was now stuck, hanging in the air, and he couldn’t move his legs to grab onto any other branches. He started shouting for help, hoping someone would hear him.

Luckily, an old man happened to be walking by and heard the boy’s cries. But instead of coming to his rescue, the old man started throwing stones at the boy’s hands. The boy was angry and confused about why the old man was doing this.

The old man then explained to the boy that he was teaching him a valuable lesson. The boy’s fear had prevented him from jumping from the tree, but his anger had given him the courage and power to do so.

With that, the boy realized that he was no longer afraid and jumped from the tree, landing safely on the ground. He thanked the old man for the lesson and continued on his nature walk, feeling more confident and brave than ever before.

In conclusion, these five short stories have stood the test of time due to their compelling characters, engaging plots, and enduring morals. They are excellent resources for those seeking to learn important life lessons and explore complex themes in a concise and engaging format. The availability of these stories in PDF format makes them easily accessible to anyone interested in reading and learning from these timeless tales.

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