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Top 50+ Quotes From The Boys Season 3

Today we have gathered 50+ The Boys Season 3 Quotes. The Boys Season is definitely the second most popular show right now on this whole planet. After the release of The Boys Season Season 3, we have gathered 50+ Savage and Funny Quotes and sayings from The Boys Season 3.

The Boys Season is one of the most popular shows in the entire world currently, Even in third world countries this show attracted a countless number of fans. We can see scenes of The Umbrella Academy Season in statuses, social media feeds, …etc.

Also note that, if you haven’t still watched season 3 of The Boys, this post may contain spoilers. Read with caution.

These 50+ The Boys Season 3 quotes will give you a preview of what this amazing show is about.

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The Boys Tv Series Details

Premiere date: July 26, 2019
Cast: Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Karl Urban, Antony Starr
Network: Amazon Prime Video
Genre: Drama
Topics: Superheroes, Book Characters
TV rating: TV-MA
Last updated: June 3, 2022

Top 10 The Boys Season 3 Quotes and Sayings.

“We’re All We’ve Got.”
— Starlight Quotes

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“The Whole Point Of What We Do Is That No One Should Have That Kind Of Power.”
— Mother’s Milk Quotes From The Boys Season 3

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“There’s Something Wrong With Homelander.”
— Starlight Quotes From The Boys Season 3

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“For Once, I’ve Leveled The F***ing Playing Field.”
— Butcher Quotes From The Boys Season 3

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“It’s All Rigged.”
— Hughie Quotes From The Boys Season 3

“Or Maybe You’re Not Such An A**hole.”
— Grace Mallory Quotes From The Boys Season 3

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“Maybe We Can Use It To Blow Homelander’s F***ing Brains Out.”
— Queen Maeve Quotes From The Boys Season 3

“But Real Power…Is The Ability To Bend The World To Your Will.”
— Stan Edgar Quotes From The Boys Season 3

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“Out Of Crisis Comes Change.”
— Homelander Quotes From The Boys Season 3

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More Quotes From the Boys Season 3.

We have added more The Boys Season 3 quotes, but this time we have not added the names of the ones who said them. Since the finale is just released about a few hours ago, this may spoil your experience. Still, when you read more and more, it might SPOIL you. let us know what do you think of this?

Not even you could stop me alone.

He’s not alone.

What? I can’t let you guys have all the fun.

Guess this means we’re breaking up, Nazi bitch.

I am very excited for everyone to meet the real me.

Pull my hair. Pull it out!

What do you say I brush my teeth and we do things to each other?

And he’s dating Starlight.


Supes in the Army is an unmitigated shit-show.

The problem, of course, was making Supers into heroes.

In five years I hope to be out of the Superhero business entirely.

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But the real power is the ability to bend the world to your will.

Maybe we can use it to blow Homelander’s fucking brains out.

Or maybe you’re not such an asshole.

It’s all rigged.

For once, I’ve leveled the fucking playing field.

There’s something wrong with Homelander.

The whole point of what we do is that no one should have that kind of power.

We’re all we’ve got.

As long as I am the CEO of Vaught, he’s under control.

He can probably hear you.

Good, I hope he does.


What did you say?

Even if that walking tumor could talk, it wouldn’t be to me.

One-shot makes you a Supe for 24 hours.

You and me, they treat us like their play things.

What if you and I share a different destiny.

In the end, only one of us left standing.

I look forward to it.

Why’d you had to come looking for me?

The prodigal son returns.

Can you please break my arm?

It’s gotta be real and it’s gotta last for days.

I’m Michael Jordan, I’m not Malcolm X.

Do you think I want a daily reminder of the man who mouth raped me?

I showed people the real me and they love me for it.

If only I had known that sooner.

No one can stop me.

Free at last.

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It’s Timothy. He’s my friend.

I can’t eat him. I’m not gonna eat him.

He’s begging for his life.

Out of crisis comes change.

America is safe. Go to your restaurants and your movie theaters.

It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you.

More than anyone, I knew what it was like for you.

It is lonely at the top, yes, but at least we had each other.

Was anything about us ever real?

From the start, I hated you. But what’s more… I fucking pitied you.

With it, I can actually help.

You don’t need powers. You just need to be human.

Do you want coffee?

Hold your horse sircumsalot779.

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How’d he escape from Russia?

He’s gonna kill me. He’s gonna kill all of us.

We’ve got a big fish to catch, and you’re the worm.

The Boys Season 3 received a ton of positive feedback from the audience for its successful portrayal of crime drama. If you like our list of The Boys Season 3 quotes, comment below. Also, mention your favorite quote from the list and your favorite character from The Boys show.