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Top 8 Steve Harrington Quotes from Stranger Things Season 4

Here we have gathered 8 of the best quotes from Steve Harrington from the Netflix Tv Series, Stranger Things Season 4 in 2022. Stranger Things is one of the most popular and engaging tv shows of 2022. With the increasing popularity of this teen thriller from Netflix, we thought of bringing you the best Steve Harrington Quotes from Stranger Things Season 4.

Steve Harrington played by Joe Keery, is the main character of the show, his un-matchable performance should be remembered. Joe Keery is already very popular with the earlier seasons of the ST.

Stranger Things Season 4 has many twists and turns including some of the characters being separated from each other. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things 4 yet, kindly note that this post may contain Spoilers.

Check out this list of 10 Steve Harrington’s best quotes from Netflix Stranger Things Season 4 Tv Series.

“I like boobies. You like boobies.”– Steve Harrington

”Know who pauses Fast Times at 53 minutes, 5 seconds? People who like boobies.”– Steve

“That kids gotta get his ego in check.”– Steve Harrington Quotes ST4

”The obvious things are not what people observe.’ Or…’ do…don’t observe.’ Or…Sherlock Holmes.”– Steve Harrington

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To killing Vecna. -Steve
Slash Henry. -Robin
Slash One. – Steve

Always the babysitter. Always the G-d d@mn babysitter! -Steve Harrington quotes Stranger Things 4

You just gotta be yourself! – Steve Harrington Season 4 Quotes

See you on the other side. – Steve quotes from Stranger Things 4
On the other side. – Nancy

Reading these 10 quotes from Steve Harrington from Stranger Things Season 4 will give a PREVIEW of Joe Keery’s character in Stranger Things. Stranger Things Season 4 is currently streaming now in Netflix. We have seen up to 6 episodes of it.

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