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Viduthalai Movie Review [Unexpected]

Vetrimaaran is a filmmaker from the South who has had both critical and commercial success for over a decade and a half. His latest release, ‘Viduthalai 1’, is a socio-political action thriller set in 1987.

Viduthalai (2023) Movie Review

The film tells the story of Kumaresan, a police constable who befriends a tribal girl named Paapa and helps the leader of a Naxalite group, Vaathiyaar, who is rebelling against the government’s plan to set up a mining operation.

The lead actor, Soori, delivers an exceptional performance, playing Kumaresan with both talent and dedication. Bhavani Sre also gives a noteworthy performance as Paapa, the tribal girl who falls in love with Kumaresan. The rest of the cast performs neatly, with Vijay Sethupathi making a subtle entry and appearing in a few action scenes.

Viduthalai Movie Review [Unexpected]

The intensity and detail that goes into every scene are what make ‘Viduthalai 1’ successful. However, some viewers may find pacing issues and repetitive scenes. The background score by Isaigniani Ilayaraja and the cinematography by Velraj are both excellent, with stunning shots of the mountainous forest terrain.

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Overall, Vetrimaaran impresses with his vision, authenticity, intensity, balanced politics, and hard work in the making of ‘Viduthalai 1’. The film sets up strong conflicts with high anticipation for the playoffs, but whether it will be on par with his previous work will only be determined after the release of ‘Viduthalai 2’.