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Wealth and Love – Short Story for Kids [PDF]

This time we are bringing you a very short story name Wealth and Love for you to enjoy. The story can be downloaded as PDF. Enjoy the story.

Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a poor farmer family who lived in a small hut. They struggled every day to make ends meet and often went to bed hungry. But they never lost hope and continued to work hard to provide for their family.

Wealth and Love - Short Story for Kids [PDF]

One day, three saints reached the poor farmer family’s hut. The farmer’s wife was surprised to see them and asked, “Who are you?” The saints replied, “I am Wealth, he is Love, and he is Success.” They introduced themselves and said, “Only one of us can enter your house. The decision is yours.”

Wealth and Love - Short Story for Kids [PDF]

The farmer family thought it was a test from God and had a discussion inside the house. The father said, “We accept Success. If we have Success, we can get a rich life.” The mother said, “If we accept Wealth, then we will have a good life.” But then the daughter spoke up, “We should accept Love. If a family lives with Love, all other qualifications will come easily.”

After hearing the family’s decision, all three saints entered the house and disappeared. From that day on, all three qualifications – Wealth, Success, and Love – stayed with the family. They became successful farmers, and their love for each other grew stronger every day. They realized that love was the most important thing in life.

Wealth and Love - Short Story for Kids [PDF]

The farmer family was grateful for the saints’ visit and the lesson they learned. They knew that they didn’t need just one qualification to live a happy life. Instead, they needed all three – Wealth, Success, and Love – to live a fulfilled life.