Woof! Woof! I am Bella

Hi! My name is Bella.

I am 4 years old. I have wavy brown hair, and big brown eyes.

My family adopted me when I was 11 months old. I love them. They have a big house, and a huge yard.

I love to play in the yard.

There are lots of trees and animals in the yard.

I love animals!

The squirrels are my favorite. I try to catch them but I never can.

When my family adopted me they gave me a choker necklace. There was a heart on it that had my name on it.

I wear it every day.

Yesterday we walked to the park. I got to play for hours!

I love my family, but they’re very strict. I have to do what they say or they yell and call me a bad girl and lock me in a cage.

The cage is tiny. They lock me in it when they don’t want to bring me places and when I’m bad.

I wish they would bring me. I like the car. Even though I get car sick, sometimes.

I cry for hours, but they don’t let me out. Maybe they don’t hear me….

This morning I went into the yard, and saw a huge squirrel. It was so cute that I had to try to catch it.

It ran past the gate, so I was going to give up, when I saw the gate was half open!

I ran through.

The squirrel escaped but I still tried to find it.

And I got lost.

I sat on the edge of the road and cried. For hours.

A lady walked past me. Then a man. Finally, someone stopped by me.

She took me back to her house, and gave me a bowl of food, and some water.

Good thing! I was starving.

She admired my necklace, then made a phone call.

An hour later, my family came! They told me they missed me, and that they love me.

“Woof! Woof!”, I said back to them.

I love you too.

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