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Absent-Minded Hodja

Nasruddin Hodja was absent-minded. One day, he set out on his donkey to visit a friend. “Have a safe journey,” said his wife. “Do not leave your belongings somewhere and return without them,” she cautioned him. Hodja nodded his head and left.

On the way, Hodja met some friends. He got off the donkey and joined them. A roadside vendor served them tea. Hodja happily chatted with his friends, sipping tea. Finally, his friends took leave of him. Hodja turned to resume his journey. To his shock, he found his donkey gone.

Hodja started looking for his donkey, running here and there. He could not find it. A kind-looking man advised him to go home. “Your donkey will eventually return home. When you go home you will find him.”

“But how can I go home without my donkey?” Hodja asked.

“You look young and fit. Surely you can walk home?” the man said irritated by Hodja.

“My donkey knows where my home is. Without him, I can’t find my home,” confessed Hodja.

Fortunately, halfway to home, the donkey remembered its Master and came back looking for him. Hodja hugged his donkey which brought him home safely.

Story: Subba Rao | Illustration: Kaustuv Brahmachari