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Kill Boksoon (2023) Parents Review [Adults]

Kill Boksoon is a movie about Gil Boksoon (played by Jeon Do-yeon), a single mother who works as an event planner but is actually a skilled assassin working for a murder-for-hire company called MK. She is struggling to maintain her daughter’s education in an elite private school while keeping up her double life. As her relationship with her daughter deteriorates, she also faces danger from powerful individuals who could decide her fate.

Director Byun Sung-hyun delivers some exceptional cinematography and fights choreography that makes for some of the most visually striking action scenes in recent years. The movie is a refreshing departure from the shaky cam and fast-cut action style of the early 2000s. Kill Boksoon is a treat for action lovers who don’t mind some violence.

However, apart from the technical aspects, there isn’t much else to commend about the movie. Jeon Do-yeon’s performance is outstanding, but the script is lackluster and overly long at 139 minutes. The story could have benefited from tighter editing, removing extraneous elements, and increasing focus. Despite that, the movie does present an intriguing world, albeit one that takes up a lot of screen time.

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As an assassin thriller, Kill Boksoon is not for everyone. The violence is intense and graphic, with guns, knives, swords, and other weapons used to deadly effect. The movie also features some underage smoking, swearing, and one sex scene without nudity. This movie is strictly for adult genre fans who enjoy bloody violence, impressive visuals, and modern filmmaking trends. However, for most other audiences, 139 minutes may be a bit too much.

Kill Boksoon Movie English Trailer

Kill Boksoon is directed by Byun Sung-hyun, and stars Jeon Do-yeon, Sul Kyung-gu, and Kim Si-a. The movie runs for 139 minutes and is rated TV-MA by the MPAA. It was released theatrically on March 31, 2023, and this review was updated on the same date.

Summary of Parents Guide

Violence: The movie features violence throughout. The main character is an assassin, so her work is seen throughout the movie. Guns, swords, knives, and various household objects are used to injure or kill characters. Blood is seen. A young girl’s beaten face is shown, implying child abuse.
Sexual Content: There is one sex scene, without nudity, but obvious movements and discussion. Teenagers kiss.
Profanity: The script contains five sexual expletives, 16 mild to moderate expletives, and a single term of deity.
Alcohol / Drug Use: Adults drink and smoke in many scenes. Teenagers are seen smoking.