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Most Popular ‘The Regime’ (HBO) TV Quotes

the regime hbo series quotes

Today we are bringing you the top 20 HBO Kate Winslet’s The Regime tv show quotes and sayings. Kate Winslet’s character in this series is portrayed as Elena Vernham.

“The Regime” (2024–) is a TV series starring Kate Winslet, Matthias Schoenaerts, and Guillaume Gallienne. Set in an authoritarian regime on the brink of collapse, the show explores the inner workings of power within the palace walls over the course of one year. Created by Will Tracy, it offers a compelling narrative of political intrigue and personal struggles amidst the regime’s impending downfall.

The Regime (2024) Quotes

So, without further ado, let’s get into the list of quotes from the Paramount Tv Show, The Regime Hole. Check our Twitter for more.

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Elena Vernham (2024) Quotes

No one is proposing an invasion, no one. Call it an expression of peace and love. Something like that. Something fun, snappy.

Elena Vernham

Love this kingfisher blue. We’ll try not to get blood on it.

Elena Vernham

“We have a problem. Namely, spores. Stachybotrys atra. Mycotoxins. Quite dangerous allergens.” – Elena Vernham

“You must strive to have a graceful mind.” – Elena Vernham

“Well, you’re not talking to my folks now, are you? You’re talking to me.” – Elena Vernham

“How could we let it slip away? How could we ever?” – Elena Vernham

“I have. Just… stop that.” – Elena Vernham

“You are not anybody. And that means I can trust you, yes?” – Elena Vernham

“I will not let you be sucked into the decadence and toxicity of America and its surrogates around the globe.” – Elena Vernham

“They’ve cut our balls off, Chief. And now they are laughing at us because you dance for foreign cash like a sick fucking bear at the circus.” – Corporal

“You were in my dream last night and I was in yours. And you told me to crush them, anyone who makes you weak.” – Corporal

“They want you crippled because you have something they will never, ever have. A fucking dream.” – Corporal

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