The Other Guest

Once, a rich man invited Birbal for dinner. When Birbal arrived at the man’s house, he noticed that there were several people already present.

“Oh, I didn’t know you had invited so many other guests.”

“No sir, Birbal. These are not guests, but my employees who are joining me for dinner tonight. But one among them is a guest just like you. Can you guess who?” said the man with a smile.

“Please tell them a joke, and I will tell you who the guest is,” replied Birbal.

The man told a joke, and all the guests in the house burst into laughter.

“That man over there is the other guest,” Birbal said pointing towards a man.

“Yes! He is the one. But how did you guess it?” the amazed host asked.

“The joke you said was not so funny. Still, everyone laughed. But the guest only smiled, and that is how I could identify him,” replied the smart Birbal.

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