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Top 14 Tom Parker Quotes from Elvis (2022) Movie

Here are 14 of the best Tom Parker quotes from the Movie, Elvis (2022). Elvis is one of the most popular and engaging movies in 2022. With the increasing popularity of this Movie, we thought of bringing you the (Tom Hanks) best quotes from Tom Parker, Elvis.

Tom Parker is played by Tom Hanks, is one of the main characters from the show, his un-matchable performance should be remembered.

All movie fans should know the name, “Tom Hanks”. He is one of the main reasons behind the success of the Elvis Movie. Tom Parker Quotes will give a preview into his character from the movie.

Here are 10 of Tom Parker’s (Tom Hanks) best Quotes/Sayings from Elvis (2022) Movie.

It Was At The Moment That Elvis The Man Was Sacrificed And Elvis The God Was Born.
– Tom Parker Wise Quotes

He Had No Idea What He Had Just Done.
– Tom Parker Quotes

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Now, I Don’t Know Nothing About Music. But I Could See In That Girl’s Eyes, He Was A Taste Of Forbidden Fruit. She Could Have Eaten Him Alive!
– Tom Parker Quotes From Elvis Movie

Are you born with destiny? Or does it just come knocking at your door?
– Tom Parker Quotes

We are the same, you and I. We are two odd, lonely children, reaching for eternity.
– Tom Parker 2022 Quotes

What is hate worth if it’s free?
– Tom Parker Elvis Quotes

To achieve truly great things, one must make truly great sacrifices.
– Tom Parker Quotes 2022

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Them comic book heroes all had their superpowers. His was music.
– Colonel Parker Quotes

It doesn’t matter if you do ten stupid things, as long as you do one smart one.
– Tom Parker Quotes: Elvis Movie

I didn’t kill him. I made Elvis Presley.
– Tom Parker Quotes

He was my destiny.
– Tom Parker Quotes

He was running from the day he was born.
– Tom Parker Quotes

A snowman is only as good as his attraction.
– Tom Parker Quotes

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We will both need to make sacrifices.
– Tom Parker Quotes

It’s just business. Show business.
– Tom Parker Quotes

Reading these Top 10 Tom Parker quotes from Elvis will give a PREVIEW of Tom Parker’s character in this 2022 hit movie.

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