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Top 15+ Savage Quotes from the ‘Shōgun’ Series

Today we are bringing you the top 20 Hiroyuki Sanada’s Shogun tv show quotes and sayings. Hiroyuki Sanada’s character in this series is portrayed as Yoshii Toranaga.

Shogun (2024) Quotes

So, without further ado, let’s get into the list of quotes from the FX/Hulu Tv Show, Shōgun. Check our Twitter for more.

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Best Vasco Rodrigues Quotes from Shogun

Nestor Carbonell as Vasco Rodrigues: Carbonell, known for “Lost” and “Bates Motel,” portrays Vasco Rodrigues, a conflicted Portuguese Jesuit missionary in feudal Japan. “Nestor Carbonell quotes” – “Playing Vasco Rodrigues has been a fascinating journey into religious and cultural clashes.”

Best quotes of Vasco Rodrigues: “Faith must withstand the trials of the world.”

Best Yoshii Toranaga Quotes from Shogun

Hiroyuki Sanada as Yoshii Toranaga: Sanada, known for “The Last Samurai,” brings to life Yoshii Toranaga, a cunning Japanese leader vying for power. “Hiroyuki Sanada quotes” – “Portraying Yoshii Toranaga has been a privilege.”

Best quote of Yoshii Toranaga: “In this world, power is not given, it is taken.”

Insults? How dare you imply that Lord Ishido insulted me.

Yoshii Toranaga

I don’t seek to be Shogun. That title is a brutal relic. From a bygone era.

Yoshii Toranaga
I don't seek to be quotes. bygone era quotes. 

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A leader must write clearly and beautifully. He must be the very best in all things.

Yoshii Toranaga

I think you should abandon this war. You are outnumbered. There is no hope for you.

Yoshii Toranaga

Best John Blackthorne Quotes from Shogun

Cosmo Jarvis as John Blackthorne: Jarvis, from “Lady Macbeth,” embodies John Blackthorne, a British sailor navigating feudal Japan. “Cosmo Jarvis quotes” – “Bringing John Blackthorne to life has been transformative.”

Best quote of John Blackthorne: “To survive, one must adapt.”

I don’t care what kind of savage, whore, bitch turd you are. Where I come from, we don’t leave a man behind.

John Blackthorne

I’d say our chances are fare. This is not where we die.

John Blackthorne
I don't care what kind of savage quotes,  we don't leave a man behind quotes, shogun series quote, john blackthorne quote, cosmo jarvis quote saying

I am an enemy in your country, but I assure you my queen is wise, and thoughtful, and would want to be your ally.

John Blackthorne

I didn’t come all this way around the world just to die on a cross.

John Blackthorne

Best Toda Mariko Quotes from Shogun

Anna Sawai as Toda Mariko: Sawai, known for “Fast & Furious 9,” portrays Toda Mariko, challenging societal norms in feudal Japan. “Anna Sawai quotes” – “Playing Toda Mariko has been empowering.”

Best quote of Toda Mariko: “A woman’s strength lies in defiance.”

My faith would not be sincere if it could not be tested.

Toda Mariko

Do not be fooled by our politeness, our bows, our maze of rituals. Death is in our air and sea and earth.

Toda Mariko
We live and we die quotes,  We control nothing quotes, toda mariko quotes from hulu shogun, anna sawai quotes

We live and we die. We control nothing beyond that.

Toda Mariko

Best Kashigi Yabushige Quotes from Shogun

Tadanobu Asano as Kashigi Yabushige: Asano, from “Thor,” embodies Kashigi Yabushige, a loyal warrior serving Toranaga. “Tadanobu Asano quotes” – “Bringing Kashigi Yabushige to life has been a journey of honor.”

Best quotes of Kashigi Yabushige: “A warrior’s loyalty is his greatest weapon.”

Lord Rodrigues will take care of him. Give him drink, then blow head off.

Vasco Rodrigues

What sort of man wields power in a place like this? The one who schemes in the open, or the one you never see?

Vasco Rodrigues

One cannot resist the unseen path of nature. All we can do is accept our small part.

Vasco Rodrigues

There’s a saying out here that every man has three hearts. One in his mouth for the world to know. Another in his chest just for his friends. And a secret heart buried deep where no one can find it. That is a heart a man must keep hidden if he wants to survive.

Vasco Rodrigues

Best Ishido Kazunari Quotes from Shogun

Takehiro Hira as Ishido Kazunari: Hira, known for “Giri/Haji,” portrays the ambitious Ishido Kazunari, a formidable adversary. “Takehiro Hira quotes” – “Playing Ishido Kazunari has been a journey of ambition.”

Best quotes of Ishido Kazunari: “Power is seized, whatever the cost.”

A wise man knows when his time has ended.

Ishido Kazunari

Best Hiromatsu Quotes from Shogun

So sorry. It was my understanding that you were loyal to our lord.


Best Taiko Quotes from Shogun

The man who stands at the greatest height is the loneliest man in the realm.


Best Vasco Rodriguez Quotes from Shogun

If you had this barbarian and a vassal to control him, things might be different.


“Shogun,” a captivating TV mini-series set in 1600 Japan, intertwines themes of war, treachery, and passion as Lord Yoshii Toranaga battles against the united forces of the Council of Regents. Amidst the turmoil, the discovery of a stranded European ship in a fishing village unravels secrets with the potential to shift power dynamics drastically. Starring Hiroyuki Sanada, Cosmo Jarvis, and Anna Sawai, the series offers a riveting portrayal of historical conflicts and the intrigue surrounding them.

Here are some of the best quotes from this show Genre:

  1. “In war, truth is the first casualty.”
  2. “The blade is the soul of the samurai.”
  3. “Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best.”
  4. “We are all pawns, my dear. Every one of us.”
  5. “The strength of a samurai comes not from his sword, but from his heart.”
  6. “A man who thinks he is above the law will soon find himself beneath it.”
  7. “In the game of power, there are no friends, only allies.”
  8. “The greatest victories are won without drawing the sword.”
  9. “Honor is not the absence of sin, but the willingness to correct it.”
  10. “Fear is the true enemy, for it blinds us to reason and enslaves us to our own weaknesses.”

These quotes encapsulate the essence of “Shogun,” reflecting its exploration of power dynamics, honor, and the complexities of human nature amidst a backdrop of historical turmoil.

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