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Top 20+ Kevin Hart’s ‘Lift 2024’ Movie Quotes

Today we are bringing you the top 20 Kevin Hart’s Lift 2024 movie quotes and sayings. Kevin Hart’s character in this series is portrayed as Cyrus.

“Lift” is a 2024 American heist comedy directed by F. Gary Gray and starring Kevin Hart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Sam Worthington. Released on Netflix, the film follows a master thief, played by Hart, and his Interpol agent ex-girlfriend, portrayed by Mbatha-Raw, as they team up to steal $500 million in gold bullion being transported on an A380 passenger flight. The high-flying adventure combines Hart’s signature humor with heart-stopping action sequences, offering a unique blend of comedy, romance, and heist drama at 40,000 feet.

Kevin Hart’s Lift (2024) Movie Quotes

So, without further ado, let’s get into the list of quotes from the Netflix Movie, Lift 2024 starring Kevin Hart. Check our Twitter for more.

kevin hart cyrus quotes from lift 2024 movie

Alright, then. Let’s show them what true artistry looks like.


We rescue works of art from undeserving owners.


Sometimes the best way to blend in is to stand out.


They’ll sacrifice anyone to make a profit.


Leonardo da Vinci sold The Mona Lisa for twenty-five thousand dollars and nobody gave a s**t about it for four hundred years until someone stole it. That smile is now worth eight hundred and sixty million because there’s a crazy story behind it. Just like the one of us borrowing you.


Our job is to do things we don’t like and make calls we don’t want, so the rest of the world can just carry on.


There’s some people you steal from, and there’s some people that you don’t steal from. Lars Jorgensen kills both. It’s a hard pass for me.


To take a plane, you got to fake a plane.


Denton: [referring to the fake beard] Hey, too much? Or…
Cyrus: Are you going for like Gandalf the Grey? Or Moses?
Denton: No.
Cyrus: Then, yeah. That’s too much.

Magnus: It’s a half a billion in gold.
Camila: That we don’t get to keep.
Magnus: Yeah, but we get to see it.

Abby: You work for the government now, Cyrus. Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy?
Cyrus: No. Not one bit.

I would never lift anything from anyone that doesn’t deserve to lose it. And if I do my job well, well, the thing I took, they’ll never know was missing.


We’re not hijacking anything, Camila. Don’t ever use that word. We’re borrowing it.


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