Written by 09:17 Horror Stories

Ted and the Genie – Funny Twisted Story

There was a man named Ted who was known for his obsession with cleanliness. He was so obsessed with keeping everything clean that he refused to touch anything that he deemed “dirty”. One day, he came across a dusty old lamp at a yard sale, and despite his reservations, he decided to buy it.

As he was cleaning the lamp, a genie suddenly appeared before him. The genie told him that he had three wishes, but warned him to be careful about what he wished for. Ted was overjoyed and quickly made his first wish: to have a perfectly clean house.

In an instant, his house was sparkling clean, but as Ted went to take a step, he slipped on the wet floor and fell down the stairs, breaking his leg. Angry and frustrated, he made his second wish: to be free of germs forever.

The genie granted his wish, and Ted suddenly found himself without any germs. But as he went about his day, he soon realized that being germ-free came with a price. He had no immune system and fell ill to every cold and flu he encountered.

Determined to make the most of his final wish, Ted carefully considered his options. Finally, he made his third and final wish: to be able to eat anything he wanted without getting sick.

The genie granted his wish, and Ted celebrated by ordering a pizza with every topping imaginable. As he took a bite, he suddenly felt his stomach twist and turn, and he began to feel sick. But just as he was about to call out for help, he felt a strange sensation in his stomach. To his surprise, his body had transformed into a giant garbage disposal!

Ted ate everything in sight, from pizza to old shoes, and he became a hero in his town. Everyone would bring him their trash, and he would devour it with glee. In the end, Ted learned that sometimes the thing you fear the most can actually turn out to be the thing that saves you.