Written by 09:11 Horror Stories

Tom and Old Woman – A Dark Twisted Story

There was a man named Tom who was known for his cruel nature. He enjoyed inflicting pain on others and took pleasure in their suffering. One day, he came across an old woman who was begging for food on the street. Tom took pity on her and decided to give her some money, but not without making her suffer first. He kicked her, spat on her, and insulted her before finally throwing a few coins her way.

As Tom walked away, he heard a cackling voice behind him. He turned around and saw the old woman transform into a beautiful enchantress. She told him that he would pay for his cruelty and that she would give him a curse that would make him suffer for the rest of his life.

At first, Tom didn’t believe her and laughed in her face. But soon after, he began to experience strange things. He would wake up in the middle of the night to find his room filled with snakes or rats, and he would be plagued by terrifying nightmares. He realized that the enchantress had indeed cursed him, and he became consumed with fear and paranoia.

Tom spent the rest of his life trying to undo the curse, but it only got worse. He lost everything he had, including his family, his home, and his wealth. He became a beggar on the street, begging for food just like the old woman he had once tormented.

One day, as he was begging, he saw the old woman again. She offered to lift the curse, but only if he gave her his eyes. Desperate to end his suffering, Tom agreed, and the old woman plucked out his eyes and vanished.

But as Tom stumbled around blindly, he realized too late that he had fallen into a trap. The old woman had twisted the curse, and now he would suffer for all eternity, blind and alone in his darkness.