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The Foolish King – Indian Folk Stories

Once upon a time, there was a foolish king who ruled a country. He never liked to learn anything from his childhood, and as a result, he was illiterate. He always gave gold to men who sang praises and poems about him, even if they were not well-written.

One of his wise ministers planned to correct the king’s foolish behavior. He decided to write a poem about the king, but instead of presenting it on paper, he wrote it on a huge rock.

When the king saw the poem, he was impressed and wanted to see it. But the minister had a condition. He asked the king if he would give the same amount of gold weight as the material the poem was written on.

The king agreed to give the same amount of gold weight, thinking it would be just a small piece of paper. But when he saw that the poem was written on a huge rock, he felt ashamed of himself for not understanding the value of well-written poems.

The king apologized to his minister and realized that he needed to learn and educate himself. The wise minister then guided the king to learn step by step and away from his foolishness.

From that day on, the king became a learned and wise ruler. He gave importance to education and literature, and his country prospered under his reign.