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Top 15 Constellation (Apple Series) Quotes

Today we are bringing you the top 20 Noomi Rapace’s Constellation tv show quotes and sayings. Noomi Rapace’s character in this series is portrayed as Jo Ericsson.

“Constellation” is a gripping psychological thriller series developed by Peter Harness exclusively for Apple TV+. Centered around astronaut Jo, the narrative unfolds after a disastrous incident on the International Space Station (ISS) leads to her unexpected return home.

However, Jo soon discovers discrepancies in her life, hinting at the influence of the CAL experiment, designed to explore the observer effect in quantum physics. With its focus on the unknown and the enigmatic, the show promises a captivating journey filled with mystery and thought-provoking dialogue. Here are eight standout quotes from the initial three episodes.

Constellation (Series) Quotes

So, without further ado, let’s get into the list of quotes from the Paramount Tv Show, Constellation Hole. Check our Twitter for more.

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Noomi Rapace – Jo Ericsson Quotes Constellation

Noomi Rapace portrays Jo Ericsson, the resilient astronaut grappling with unsettling realities in ‘Constellation.’ Jo’s quotes resonate with depth and emotion, offering glimpses into her inner turmoil and unwavering determination amidst the mysterious events unfolding around her.

You gotta be good at putting things in different boxes when you’re an astronaut. Put it in a box, shut it, be able to not worry about it. And deal with something else in a different box.

Jo Ericsson

You forget how Earth smells. There is no weather in space. There is no seasons.

Jo Ericsson

The worst thing about up and out in space is that it can be very, very lonely.

Jo Ericsson

Hello? Can anyone hear me? This is Station, I’m afraid of the dark.

Jo Ericsson

I want you to be my husband, okay? I want Alice to be my daughter. When I was up there, the only thing I could focus on was getting home and assembling shitty furniture.

Jo Ericsson

Even if I’m not here…I’m always with you and Daddy…

Jo Ericsson

Eleanor FanyinkaEryn Quotes Constellation

Eleanor Fanyinka embodies Eryn, Henry’s dedicated assistant researcher in ‘Constellation.’ Eryn’s quotes encapsulate her commitment to ethical principles, challenging Henry’s relentless pursuit of scientific advancement at any cost.

Of course I feel worse. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me.


The Science cannot trump the people Henry.


Jonathan Banks – Henry Caldera Quotes Constellation

Jonathan Banks masterfully portrays Henry Caldera, a complex character in ‘Constellation.’ Henry’s quotes reflect his unwavering determination and occasional moral ambiguity as he grapples with the consequences of his scientific pursuits and personal demons.

I walked on the moon and this is how the journey ends.

Henry Caldera

I don’t get paid to use my goddamn imagination.

Henry Caldera

My own president is wrong. I’m working on my own president.

Henry Caldera

Like climbing Everest, going into space. Your whole focus is on the summit. And if you’re not very careful, you can forget that once you’ve summited, you have to get back down. That’s when people come unstuck.

Henry Caldera

Rosie Coleman – Alice Ericsson Quotes Constellation

Rosie Coleman brings to life Alice Ericsson, Jo’s daughter, in ‘Constellation.’ Alice’s quotes evoke innocence and longing, offering poignant insights into the emotional impact of Jo’s mysterious journey and their unbreakable bond despite the distance.

If you die in space, do you die on Earth?

Alice Ericsson

Do you think ghosts are the same as God?

Alice Ericsson

Daddy, don’t cry. We’ll see her again one day. I promise.

Alice Ericsson

“Constellation” (2024), a TV series rated TV-MA, features Noomi Rapace as Jo, who returns to Earth after a space disaster. Upon her return, she realizes that there are unresolved mysteries in her life.

Determined to uncover the truth about the secrets of space travel and reclaim what she has lost, Jo embarks on a journey of revelation and recovery. With Jonathan Banks and James D’Arcy among the cast, this series promises to explore intrigue and adventure against the backdrop of space exploration.

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