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Top 25 ‘3 Body Problem’ Tv Quotes

Today we are bringing you the top 20 Saul Durand’s 3 Body Problem tv show quotes and sayings. Saul Durand’s character in this series is portrayed as Jovan Adepo.

“3 Body Problem” (2024) is a TV series that explores the enduring consequences of a pivotal decision made in 1960s China, which continues to reverberate in the present day. In the show, a team of scientists collaborates with a detective to confront an existential threat to the planet.

Crafted by creators David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo, the series blends science fiction, mystery, and suspense. With a cast including Jovan Adepo, Liam Cunningham, and Eiza González, “3 Body Problem” offers a compelling narrative that delves into the complexities of humanity’s struggle against an impending crisis.

3 Body Problem (2024) Quotes

“This list features quotes from the Netflix show ‘3 Body Problem.’ The show, based on a novel by Liu Cixin, tells the story of a woman’s decision in 1960s China that impacts scientists in the present day. As they face extraordinary challenges, a group of former colleagues comes together to deal with humanity’s biggest threat.”

So, without further ado, let’s get into the list of quotes from the Paramount Tv Show, 3 Body Problem Hole. Check our Twitter for more.

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Saul Durand – Jovan Adepo Quotes

Discover memorable quotes and insights from Jovan Adepo’s character, Saul Durand, in the TV series ‘3 Body Problem.’

As children, we fear the dark. Anything might be out there. The unknown troubles us. There are those who say we should not inquire too closely into who else might be living in that darkness. Better not to know. But we continue to search. Life looks for life.

Jovan Adepo

Liam Cunningham – Thomas Wade Quotes

Quotable Lines from Thomas Wade, played by Liam Cunningham, in 3 Body Problem

There are dozens of people who could oversee the project. There is only one person on Earth who can oversee the plan.

Thomas Wade

We need to know the enemy to fight the enemy.

Thomas Wade
Liam Cunningham in 3 Body Problem (2024), thomas wade quotes netflix 2024, Be careful with what you know. That’s where most people’s troubles begin.

Be careful with what you know. That’s where most people’s troubles begin.

Thomas Wade

You don’t need to believe in Santa Claus to believe people give gifts on Christmas.

Thomas Wade

There’s someone behind everything. You just have to dig.

Thomas Wade

Jess Hong – Jin Cheng Quotes

Memorable Quotes by Jin Cheng, portrayed by Jess Hong, in 3 Body Problem

Second law of thermodynamics. Eventually, everything turns to s***.

Jin Cheng
Jess Hong in 3 Body Problem (2024), jin cheng quotes 2024 netflix, thermodynamics quotes, everything turn to shit

It’s not about solving the three-body problem. Our goal is to save the people.

Jin Cheng

Ye Wenjie Quotes from 3 Body Problem

Memorable Quotes from Ye Wenjie in 3 Body Problem

Humor is a very personal thing. Some people understand it, and some people don’t. Some jokes are so private, they only make sense to two people. But jokes are important. We wouldn’t survive without them.

Ye Wenjie

Our civilization is no longer capable of solving its own problems.

Ye Wenjie

Come. We cannot save ourselves. I will help you conquer this world.

Ye Wenjie

Best Quotes from Netflix series, 3 Body Problem

In order to fight power, sometimes you have to embrace power.

Ten thousand species go extinct every year because of the greed of one.

I never had many friends. But thanks to you guys, always felt like enough.

People hate bugs. Been trying to get rid of them forever. Spray pesticides from planes. We put poison in the ground. We try and sterilize them. We swat them, zap them, step on them. Look around. They’re not going anywhere

We’ll always be with you. Every room you enter, we’ll already be there waiting for you. Whatever we want you to see, you will see. Until the day you die.

A lack of fear leads to extinction. If your ancestors had followed the fearless, you would not exist. Humanity must learn to fear again.

Usually, when people with more advanced technology encounter people with more primitive technology, doesn’t work out well for the primitives.

It’s much more exciting to imagine a future War of the Worlds than it is to muck around with our current problems.

A liar is someone whose words are false. A liar cannot be trusted. We cannot coexist with liars. We are afraid of you.

I’ve got a knack for failing upwards.

Maybe there’s more to life than knowing everything.

Here are some standout quotes from netflix’s 3 Body Problem:

There’s someone behind everything. You just have to dig quote, thomas wade quotes from 3 body problem

“It’s not easy, is it? Being a person in this f***ed world.” – Tatiana

“According to the experiments, all of our theories are wrong. All of them. All of the physics of the past sixty years is wrong. Science is broken.” – Saul Durand

“Second law of thermodynamics. Eventually, everything turns to s**t.” – Jin Cheng

“Time is a m**fer.” – Ye Wenjie

“Tomorrow, at midnight, at exactly midnight, go outside and look up at the sky. Has the universe ever winked at you?” – Tatiana

“I observe the universe winking.” – Saul Durand

“Your mission is to solve the riddle of this world.” – Count of the West

“Maybe there’s more to life than knowing everything.” – Will Downing

“Maybe there’s more to life than knowing everything.” – Will Downing

“If one of us survives, we all survive.” – Jin Cheng

“In nature, nothing exists alone.” – Young Ye Wenjie

“Be careful with what you know. That’s where most people’s troubles begin.” – Thomas Wade

These quotes capture various themes including existentialism, the fragility of humanity, the uncertainty of science, and the complexities of existence in a tumultuous world.

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